Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Josh Freeman Update

I think he really knows what he is doing out there. (

Tampa Bay should have won this game. Their defense played better than it had been with 6 sacks and holding Atlanta to 75 yards rushing. They had a blocked punt. Turnovers were a wash at one a piece. Josh Freeman was 20 for 29 for 250 yards, two TDs and no INTs. Josh did again fumble the ball, but he recovered it himself---need to work on that. Where the game was lost was at the very end. Atlanta had 8 tries to get it in from the 10 yard line for the TD that would win the game. Tampa Bay called two very questionable time outs during this time, giving the Falcons,who were out of time outs, a chance to catch their breath and plan the next play. The first time out was called with Atlanta at 4th and goal on the TB 10 yard line. On the next play, TB committed defensive holding, penalized 5 yards and an automatic first down for the Falcons. That's just a killer. When it was forth and goal on the TB 5 yard line, the Bucs called another time out. The next play was the game winning TD. So, why call those time outs?

If I'd been in Josh Freeman's shoes, part of me would have been cheering my head off for the defense to stop Atlanta.

And part of me would have been sitting with a towel over my head, not wanting to watch.

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