Friday, November 27, 2009

Digesting the Holiday Meals, er Games

Remember Miles Austin from the Chiefs game with Dallas? Here he is, scoring against the Raiders. (

Well, I was hopeful we would have some holiday goodies on Thanksgiving from the NFL. Unfortunately, the games were about as exciting as the white meat on an overcooked turkey. Detroit could not do anything offensively against Green Bay after their first initial drive. I thought it significant, though none of the commentators noted it, that the Lions had lost their fine rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew to injury in that first drive. He is a favorite target of Matt Stafford, and it seemed the Lions were pretty stagnant after that. They also had all those turnovers.

The Raiders made something of a game of it against Dallas, but again, the inability of the offense to move the ball and the defense to stop Dallas' passing game caused this to be pretty one sided. The Raiders tried to make it interesting, but couldn't get it done late. Boy, this was a hard game to follow: for a Giants and Chiefs fan, these are two teams you just learn to love to hate.

Finally, the Giants. Do we have to talk about the Giants game with Denver? Giants couldn't run, could barely pass, couldn't carry momentum,couldn't rush the passer and turned the ball over twice to the Broncos. What is wrong with this team? Maybe, they are just not that good...

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