Monday, November 9, 2009

This is Just Painful

A stiff arm to the face...kind of like this season so far. (photo:
OK, I have been a fan in the tough times. I saw live as it happened "The Miracle in the Meadowlands" when Herm Edwards scooped up a Joe Pisarsick fumble and ran to the end zone. I lived through all the years when the New York Giants were awful every single year. This with the Chiefs this year is just amazingly frustrating. We are not even creative enough to make different mistakes each week. You could just recycle the same commentary each week.

* The offensive line is terrible.
* The defense allows too many big plays.
* The team has no leadership or identity
* Todd Haley needs to fire himself as offensive coordinator or head coach.

The two touchdowns at the end of the game almost make it worse! How come we can't do that during the rest of the game?!?

I'll listen and watch because I like football and they are my team, but I have no expectations any more.

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