Friday, November 13, 2009

NFL Story Lines

A few story lines I'll be following during the remainder of the NFL regular season.

1. Will the New York teams right themselves? Both the Jets and the Giants slid into their bye weeks on losing streaks.

2. Will the Chiefs, Rams, Lions, Bucs, and Browns win another game this year?

3. Will New Orleans go 16-0? Will Indy go 16-0?

4. Will resurgent Steelers and Patriots make us doubting Thomas types look foolish?

5. Which mediocre team will win the NFC west?

6. Is the two-game-losing-streak Broncos the real Denver team or that other one that won all those games at the beginning of the season?

7. Will Brett Favre keep it up or wear down towards the end of the season?

8. Will the Dallas Cowboys actually win a game in December?

9. Are the Bears, and Redskins as bad as they seems to be? Has Tennessee righted their ship? How bad is the Oakland Raiders QB, Jamarcus Russell?

10. Can Josh Freeman continue his solid play for the Bucs?

More than enough to keep a football fan's interest--and I don't even do fantasy football!

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