Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baseball Drawing to a Close

Walk off wild pitch--hey, we take them however--wins the game for St. Louis over the Cubbies today. (

All the division races have been decided with about a week or so left in the regular season. Your champions are Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Arizona in the NL and New York, Detroit, and Texas in the AL. The wildcard races are still being decided. In the AL, Boston has been fading over the past days, and is in a fight with Tampa Bay who is just 1.5 games behind. Lurking with an outside chance are the Angels of Anaheim or where ever. In the NL, it is between Atlanta and St. Louis, with the Braves ahead by 2 games. There will probably not be a repeat winner of the World Series as the Giants are 4.5 games out.

It has been a fun year for baseball in my opinion. The game has purged itself of the steroid pretenders, changing offense, and changing what is important. I like the way it is going, and to me, the grand old game of baseball is doing OK.

We'll touch on the Royals, and their season and future, in a later post, but suffice it to say for now that the Royals have an exciting future. They have played .500 baseball since early July (basically the All Star break on) and have been especially hot these past weeks. Now, I am not impressed by September success, since so many teams are mailing it in, but it just gives a glimpse of what can be. The team was 40-41 at home, and drew about 1.7 million to the K to watch. For a throw away year, it has been a lot of fun, and people paid more attention than you thought they might have.

The New York Mets surprised by playing around the .500 mark almost all year. 76-82 presently for a .481 winning percentage for a team that was essentially broke and whose ownership may go down with the Madoff ship. I don't know what all the Mets have in the pipeline, but they are good enough to watch. It is tough though, those Phillies are a very good team and they will be hard to overcome.

It won't be long for the first round of playoffs to start--next weekend as a matter of fact. Post season baseball is coming.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh. My. 48-3.

Romeo Crennel's defense had its good moments, but 6 turnovers and too many errors crushed the life out of his unit eventually...

There were signs of hope. Three three and outs. The defense trying hard out there. But then, the penalties and turnovers, and no offense and Jamaal Charles injured...and the next thing you know it's a three touchdown margin...

People are calling for heads at this point, but I am not sure that firing anyone at this point is the right thing to do. I think we just try to live through the year, still looking for the right 53, and then assess at the end of the year. I do not think the team will go any where this year. No playoffs. No winning record.

Oh, and blackouts, we will have them...a boon to fans of other teams. Punishment to the Chiefs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Josh Freeman Update

Josh was sacked twice and intercepted once by Detroit. Look for this group to introduce themselves to Matt Cassel this coming Sunday.

Tampa Bay played Detroit opening day on a nice hot sunny day in Florida and found themselves in a real fight with the improving Lions. The Detroit defense is starting to look like a classic NFC Central black and blue defense able to stop opponents at will. The Bucs could not run or throw, and had no offensive rhythm until it was too late deep in the fourth quarter. Josh Freeman's final numbers: 28/43 for 259 yards, one touchdown, one interception and two fumbles (not lost).

Detroit may be this year's Kansas City, especially if Matthew Stafford stays healthy: improving team with a relatively easy schedule. They do still have to play in their division, which up and down is better than the AFC West so it might not be quite so easy for the Lions to take the division, but don't be surprise to see this team in the playoffs.

NFL Week One: Are the Chiefs *That* Bad?

Bad start: "Krumble" on the opening kick off. (KC Star photo)

The Chiefs were really bad on Sunday, yes they were, and many many words have been spoken, written and typed over the past couple days about the game. Here is my take:
1. You are never as good as your best game and as bad as your worse game. This team may not be very good, but they are not as bad as they looked on Sunday.
2. The needs that were not addressed in the off season are still there. Offense and defensive lines are bad and did not get better.
3. As much as we would like to lay a lot of blame at the feet of the coach and the players, I am beginning to question the general manager instead. Scott Pioli has some work to do. He has some explaining to do, but he doesn't 'splain so I will just settle for him to fix this mess.
We didn't draft to need, and we didn't spend the money we have. That needs to
4. Clark Hunt, quit trying to run the team on a shoe string. A winning team will make money for you. If you are hoping to be just good enough to generate hope, the hope that keeps people going to the stadium in large numbers, and not take the actions that lead to the next level of performance, then I do hope that those inclined to go to the stadium piss on your expensive tickets and ridiculous parking fee and not go.
When I moved to Kansas City, the Chiefs were just getting good under Carl Peterson. The city really came together over the team and it was like a college atmosphere. That good will has been pissed away over the past 10 years or so of losing and seeming not to know how to stop losing. Good organizations are willing to do what it takes to stop losing--that includes taking some reasonable chances and not being afraid to spend money.
Tough football weekend--Giants lost, New Orleans lost (but to the Packers, so not as bad as it could be), Tampa Bay lost. At least the Jets won, beating those Dallas Cowboys. It is always a redeemable week if the Cowboys lose. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

NFL Off and Passing

That was a rousing start to the NFL season wasn't it? That game between New Orleans and Green Bay had everything except consistent defense. Was it not cool to behold the wonder of Sproles? Seeing him in a new uni reminded you exactly what an exciting player he (still) is. The NFC is in for a treat, seeing him now for 12 games. PS: don't be surprised if this game is remarried in the playoffs...
Is Payton Manning done for the year? For his career? Yesterday's third neck surgery certainly puts this season in question for the QB star. To me, his career is also at risk. As he makes his decision he does need to remember he has about 30 years of living left to do. We are spinal animals and if our spines are compromised, our quality of life is very diminished.
This Sunday's Chiefs game will go a long way in telling us what kind of team we have. With Cassell's injury QB protection and an effective running game will be very important. Can we do it? And can our defense get the Bills off the field in a timely manner? I think the Chiefs are the better team, especially at home, and will win this game. How they win is what will tell us something about the team--a nail biter, big score, sluggish offense, etc.
The NFL is a bit of bread-and-circus for our times, I will admit that. I am glad that there was no strike. Let there be FOOTBALL!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Todd Haley Will Be Blamed...

...and I think he deserves it. The screwy way he handled the practice games--well, you have to wonder if it had anything to do with a season ending injury to our best tight end or our starting QB sitting out the opener.

Sometimes there are good reasons why people keep doing things the old way.