Friday, September 9, 2011

NFL Off and Passing

That was a rousing start to the NFL season wasn't it? That game between New Orleans and Green Bay had everything except consistent defense. Was it not cool to behold the wonder of Sproles? Seeing him in a new uni reminded you exactly what an exciting player he (still) is. The NFC is in for a treat, seeing him now for 12 games. PS: don't be surprised if this game is remarried in the playoffs...
Is Payton Manning done for the year? For his career? Yesterday's third neck surgery certainly puts this season in question for the QB star. To me, his career is also at risk. As he makes his decision he does need to remember he has about 30 years of living left to do. We are spinal animals and if our spines are compromised, our quality of life is very diminished.
This Sunday's Chiefs game will go a long way in telling us what kind of team we have. With Cassell's injury QB protection and an effective running game will be very important. Can we do it? And can our defense get the Bills off the field in a timely manner? I think the Chiefs are the better team, especially at home, and will win this game. How they win is what will tell us something about the team--a nail biter, big score, sluggish offense, etc.
The NFL is a bit of bread-and-circus for our times, I will admit that. I am glad that there was no strike. Let there be FOOTBALL!

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  1. revisited in the playoffs. Darn auto-correct!