Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big What?

I promise I will write about the college football conference mess. Someday.

It is just the most distasteful thing imaginable, because it leaves no doubt as to what really runs big time college sports, especially football.

Money. Money. Money.

Bucs and Bears Travel to London: Bears Win 24-18

Despite losing their starting running back to a season ending Achilles injury and Josh throwing four interceptions, Tampa Bay was in the game until that last interception. Tampa Bay's defense picked off Bears QB Jay Cutler twice, but was gashed by Matt Forte for 145 yards, enabling the Bears to play ball control.

Tampa Bay scored twice in the fourth quarter to make a close game of it, and were driving in the last minute when the last INT was thrown. The Bucs gameplan was in a mess after running back Earnest Graham, playing for injured LeGarrette Blount was injured. The Bucs were dismayed with their play, and as hot as the Saints are, every game is critical.

World Series: Rangers Up 3-2, In St. Louis Now

This has actually been a pretty fun series. The games have been pretty close mostly (one blow out--Monday's game was much closer than its final 4-0 Rangers score) and very dramatic, full of strategy and second guessing, a real nirvana for baseball fans. After the Cardinals first two wins, I was wondering if my prediction was going to be wrong, but when Texas took game 5 and put St. Louis in the position of two must wins, the prediction looked better.

Tonight's game was postponed. For the second time this post season, the Cards started a home stand after the very best weather had ended. Today's early morning Kansas City rain became a steadier St. Louis rain, and MLB decided they didn't want a stop-and-start game and they didn't want a potential series winning game played under less than ideal conditions, especially since once the rain is outta here, it will be dry again--a little nippy but dry.

Texas, in general, has gotten better hitting with men on base and better rates of hits when really needed. Matt Holliday left many men stranded Monday night. The best Ranger has been Mike Napoli, pictured above in game 4 action.

Raiders QBs Stink It Up: KC Wins 28-love

Who can figure the crazy sport of football? The Chiefs appeared headed for a loss playing at the black hole home of the Oakland Raiders, but Raiders second and third string QBs threw 3 INTs each (including a pick-6 each in that total) and KC spun a bagel, 28-0.

It was not all special: Matt Cassell was awful--QB rating 38. So the defense took advantage of back up QBs and an injury to the Raiders #1 runner, but the offense could only generate 14 points in 60 minutes of football? That is not good.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your Quicky Josh Freeman Update

Just a quick Josh update: As a fan of both Josh and the Saints, last week was a tough game to root. I wanted Josh to rebound after he and the rest of the rest of the Saints offense disappeared against San Francisco, yet I wanted New Orleans to keep up with Green Bay and get a win.

Josh and the offense reappeared and the Bucs won against New Orleans 26-20. It is important for a young team to rebound after a crappy game, and especially when now you are playing a tougher schedule and many teams you see are improved. I really feel like the Chiefs and Bucs are treading the same path to becoming good teams, but I think the Bucs have the better QB.

I would say that even if Josh Freeman hadn't gone to Grandview High School

NFL Football: One Undefeated, Three Suck for Luck

We are half way through the football season, and the drama over undefeated is still in order, but with only one team--the Green Bay Packers. Meantime the Suck for Luck competition is going strong with Miami, Indianapolis and St. Louis all winless to this point.

Surprises: That St. Louis is so bad. That the 49ers are so good. That Payton Manning meant so much to the success of the Colts. That the New York teams are frustratingly inconsistant--because of their offenses. That the defenses are coming back after a poor beginning. It has been a fun season.

Loss: Al Davis, batshit crazy but a pioneer and a bull, an innovative guy with attitude. As a Jets and Chiefs fan I hate the Raiders, but as a fan of football, there is no denying his importance to the history of the sport.

The Raiders made a daring deal for Carson Palmer, as if in Al's honor. We (Chiefs) play them this weekend. Makes for an interesting prep week.

World Series To Start Tonight

Well, I hope the Rangers brought their woolies, because our wonderful fall weather has changed for the cooler--near freezing here in Kansas City and I anticipate similar in St. Louis tonight.

Of the four teams vying for spots in the World Series last week, the Rangers had the most unknown and possibly the least good pitching staff. Otherwise, they stacked up pretty well against any of their possible opponents. So the question this series to me boils down to this: Can the Texas Rangers' pitchers hold down the Cardinals hitters enough so that the Rangers are not always playing from behind/having to catch up? Which in this post season environment is a tough thing to do? That is the key to this series, to me.

Here is my prediction: I would love to see St. Louis win--they were left for dead during some parts of the season and are in as wild card--but I predict the Rangers in 6.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Texas Rangers Return to World Series

Alas, Detroit's good season came to an end as the Texas Rangers took Tigers pitching to the woodshed in the process of taking the league championship series in six games. It seemed as if the Tigers were working from behind the entire series. When Detroit was able to keep Texas down in the early innings it was much easier for the Tigers to win. If Texas got away early, as they did in game six with a seven run third, Detroit found it pretty tough going to come back.

Tiger pitching frequently failed, both starters and bullpen.

Texas awaits the NL champion, either the Cardinals or Brewers. Either of those teams will have an advantage in starting pitching over the Rangers but the question will be can the NL champ hold the blazing hot Texas offense?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Lot Is Happening!

Really--Josh was on MNF--Chiefs won--Giants are doing OK--Jets in search of offense--Eagles crash and burn--Saints look ready to return to a Super Bowl--Vikings are terrible and Green Bay wonderful .

Only one series is over in the baseball post season and two are in game five tomorrow--the D-Backs are fighting to make it three game fives.

Missouri is likely leaving the Big 12, Nebraska got skunked by Wisconsin and Kansas State is in the top 25.

So see I am paying attention!