Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hoops Action

It took about a half of basketball to get back into the swing of things; if the weather holds up, I expect to attend several games in the next 10 days.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

High School Hoops Wind Down

Last year, the weather really messed up the high school basketball schedule and compressed it into the last few weeks of February. This year, the schedule is normal, with maybe a game a week for most teams. Since I am the South Kansas City Observer, we always concentrate on the schools on the south Missouri side. So here are the remaining games for Ruskin, Grandview, and Center.

For Ruskin:
Today, 2/7 at North KC
2/10: Truman
2/14: at Central in St. Joe
2/17: Lee's Summit West

For Grandview:
Today, 2/7: Kearny
2/10: Platte County
2/14: at Oak Park
2/15: Park Hill
2/17: at Liberty

For Center:
today, 2/7 at Clinton
2/10: Smith Cotton
2/17: O'Hare

Take in a game--it is fun!

Update: All three teams won tonight--Center and Grandview are having very nice years with Center having lost just 5 games and Grandview on a 9 game win streak. Ruskin is playing .500 ball this year--a bit inconsistent...

Another Super Super Bowl

We are going to get spoiled. We've had some pretty good Super Bowls lately, since 2008's first Giants-Patriots match. Even games whose final scores were not that close had wonderful dramatic moments and twists. Of course, as a Giants fan, I could not be more pleased.

Defense proved itself to be important in this game, as well as execution. Ill timed drops and penalties affected both teams. There are several plays you can play "if only..." games with and wonder if the outcome would have been different.

Next, the draft, and then no more football--that's OK, I am ready for hoops, baseball and the rest!