Monday, August 29, 2011

High School Football Is Back!

The 2011 high school football season in Kansas City has started--you can't beat Friday night lights. I took in the Center-University Academy game at Center on Friday. UA had a very small number of players, but put up quite a fight until yielding late in the third quarter.

If you have never caught a high school game, check one out. Typically parking is free and the admittance fee is under $10.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Practice Games Are Useless to Fans

Well, another round of practice NFL games is in the books and I am not sure I know any more about the Chiefs, Giants or any of my favorite NFL teams than I did before they played these games.

Oh, I can tell a few things: The Chiefs are still troubled by offensive, defensive line problems and still have not found a capable receiver to line up opposite Dwayne Bowe or a back up QB we can really trust. Also we have found out that first round pick WR Baldwin is a twit and a diva.

It does offend me, as it does many others, that the clubs charge full freight for these games. To me they should cut the price of everything but food, alcohol and souvenirs for the games. Get a good atmosphere, couple it with a decent team, and you will get fans to come because they will get hooked on the experience. Make it great: make the practice games, which are "lite"anyway the equivalent of the "free" version of an iPhone app, wetting the desire for the real and full thing.

Just sayin.'

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Football Camps Ongoing--Progress Slow

well the first round of exhibition games is coming to a close and you can really tell--nothing. Usually you discover what you already know. In the Chiefs case, we needed help on both lines and it is clear that we don't have it yet--certainly not to any depth. We could use a back up QB too.

The Chiefs will be hard pressed to repeat as AFC West champs this year. The Raiders are better, the Chargers are better and there are no games against the NFC West. Kansas City could play better and be a better team overall and still have a worse record and not win the conference.

Meantime the Giants lost also, although by the much more respectable score of 20-10 to Carolina.

The Chiefs need to go and start hitting now in camp.

Nifty time of year this--football and baseball going.