Saturday, July 31, 2010

Royals and Atlanta Swap Players Just as Deadline Passes

Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farnsworth are headed to the heat of the NL East pennent race, traded to the Atlanta Braves for P Tim Collins, OF Gregor Blanco and P Jesse Chavez. Collins has been in AA and doing well; he will be sent to Omaha. Blanco has been used sparingly with the big league club and Chavez has had some struggles pitching in relief. They will join the Royals big club.

This ends the non-waiver trading period for Major League baseball. The Royals have made deals for youth in general, and moves that do decrease the payroll for next year somewhat. Still left is Jose Guillen, who is bringing interest from clubs in pennant races for his bat and improved outfield play. No other Royal is likely to make it through the trade process without a waiver claim now.

With such youthful players obtained, it will be years before we find out if Dayton Moore is a genius or a dud. However, I like the moves because they proclaim that the team is looking to the future. It will also be fun to see the new guys on the field, and how everything meshes in the club house. The team looks very different now than the team that took the field in April. Besides the trades of Callaspo, Podsednik, Ankiel, and Farnsworth, lost to injury have been Hochaver, Meche, and DeJesus. So it's been an interesting year.

Photos kyped from the 'net, from top to bottom: Collins (in the Toronto organisation until mid July), Blanco and Chavez.

Chiefs Top Draft Choice Signed

Such good news! No long hold outs by any Chiefs draft choices, including No. 1, Eric Berry. All are signed and in camp. A long hold out by a draft choice is not good for either the draft choice or the team, so this is good. Only player still in a contract kerfuffle is Jarrad Page.

Football training camp is just like Spring Training in baseball. Everyone is 0-0 and thinks they have a chance. 32 optimistic outlooks out there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Podsednik Traded

Scott Podsednik

The Royals traded Scot Podsednik, 34 year old outfielder to the LA Dodgers for AAA catcher Lucas May and A pitcher Elisaul Pimentel. This is one of those trades that you wish you didn't have to make. Pods is a complete ball player--he really has average or above average in everything except power. He is also a good presence in the club house. The youngsters will be put to good use, and the catcher seems to be a real prospect to advance to the big club in a short time.

In other roster news, Victor Marte, after some bad outings, was sent to Omaha. Bryan Bullington was recalled. With the trade of Pods, there is one open roster spot. No word yet on the Royals intentions, but at this point they are carrying only five outfielders on the active roster. And that counts Guillen.

Other bits of this team that could be traded include Guillen and Farnsworth, but to me the trading of Podsednik shows that anyone short of Grienke, Soria and Butler is fair game.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


19-1. Can't say much more. Terrible. Bad. In every way.

It is just one game in a long season but we've been bad for a while now and this was the frosting on the cake.

Need. Better. Players. Simple.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wizards Beat Man United Travel Team

Congratulations on the Kansas City Wizards 2-1 win over Manchester United, in front of 50,000 at Arrowhead.

However, would someone explain to me how it is that soccer players come to complain, piss and moan more than any other sports' athletes (except maybe basketball players...)

Photo in desperate need of a caption...any ideas? (Kansas City Star)


Jason Kendell needs to be taking some time off. He is on track to play something like 140 games, which is more games than a catcher in the major leagues has played since something like 1979. The guy is 38 freaking years old, we have nasty hot weather in the summer here at home and in many of baseball's other venues. He hits and plays better after a rest.

If Brayan Pena isn't good enough to be a back up, dump him and get someone who is. You don't have a defensive liability for a back up catcher. Shoot, they don't even DH or pinch hit Pena enough to say so. The man has a whole 34 at bats in 98 games. That's nuts!

This needs to change, and if it doesn't change this season, it must change next season. Dayton Moore should be fired if this doesn't change.

The Royals Have Really Sucked Since the All Star Break

Actually, since three games before the All Star break.
A Yankee runs the bases after a home run against Royals' starter O'Sullivan. (KC Star)

Of the Royals' last 13 games--that's since July 9th--the Royals have won 3 and lost 10. Worse,they've lost badly, getting beaten by four runs or more, including some ugly games like 7-1, 15-5 and 7-1. Starting pitching has failed. Relief pitching has failed. Defense has failed. Offense has failed.

Let's make some trades with our better bits, and get the youngsters up here. They can't do any worse.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Royals Trade Callaspo, Activate Gordon, Ankiel

Roster moves are happening. Some trade related. Some injury related. Some performance related.

Alberto Callaspo, who seems to have found a defensive home at third, was traded to the Angels for two pitchers, one of which is close to major league ready if not ready. It surprised me, but it shouldn't have, as we are well stocked at third base. Specifically, this clears the way for prospects to come up. I thought this trade might happen with Aviles instead, so a little surprised.

David DeJesus will probably be a Royal for the rest of 2010. He is injured now after running into the wall at Yankee Stadium last night, and out for the season with a torn thumb ligament. He'll need surgery for this injury.

Rick Ankiel will return to the team. Alex Gordon is called up. Wilson Betemit will play third. Gordon, Ankiel, Podsednik, Bloomquist, and Maier with help as needed from Guillen will play outfield.

Finally, Andrew Lerew, who stank up the place for 3 consecutive starts is designated for assignment, and one of the guys from the Angels, Sean O'Sullivan, is in his spot.

We play the Yankees some more, in New York, this weekend. I hope it's cooler there.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last John Daly Update

John Daly did not make a charge on Sunday or win the British Open. He shot a 73 to finish 1+, 17 shots behind the winner, Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa.

You might find his choice of pants a little...something. There's just something about this, I wouldn't wear these!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Royals at Midseason

The Royals have no chance at winning the division. Just not good enough plus three teams to jump over.

The Royals should be sellers at trade time. Almost anyone is on the table, but the right deal must be made for value. However, I would take the water boy for Jose Guillen.

Two goals, both very modest. 1. Play .500 ball the rest of the season. 41-40. 2. Avoid last place in the division.

Get the youngsters up from AA and AAA ball.

Play smart baseball--avoid dumb errors, base running gaffs and stupid walks.

Keep Ned Yost.

More on Mr. Daly

John Daly finished strong with birdies on two of the last three holes, but still had a 74, putting him at even for the tournament and 15 strokes behind the leader.

As you can see, he switched up patterns, opting for these tiger stripes in red and black. Comparatively subdued...

Friday, July 16, 2010

John Daly Update

John Daly shot a 76 to go with his 66 and leave him at -2 for the tournament at the British Open. The weather during the second round was so bad at one point that they actually stopped play while the storm blew over. It does appear that Daly will make the cut for the tournament. His pants? Pretty outrageous, but the black sweater is more subdued, and his lime green cap and shirt match the pants.

Go, John, go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

John Daly's Pants

I've always liked John Daly, and have followed his ups and downs over the years. He has amazing golf talent. He had a nice first round at the British Open. This is him, and yes, that is what he wore.

Daly has a deal with Loudmouth Golf to wear their outrageous pants. This is the outfit that the Norwegian curling team used for the argyle pants they wore in Vancouver.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midseason Lull

I guess maybe...

World Cup soccer--over
NHL and NBA--over. Including LeBron
NASCAR, golf and tennis--primarily weekend events.

Football--not started yet.

Baseball--on midseason break.

Nuttin' goin' on here...

Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James to Miami

OK, I'm disappointed. A lot. It would have been wonderful for the Knicks to actually play meaningful basketball games again. It would have been nice if Cleveland, one of the most woebegone sports cities in the US, had been able to keep him. The Daily News brings that New Yawk attitude to the situation...

Commentators have been pretty hard on James, calling him out for avoiding the spotlight and pressure that going to New York or staying in Cleveland would have given him. The Cavs' owner basically called his ex-player a selfish loser. Rush Limbaugh analyzed the tax situation: for James, getting out of Ohio, staying way away from NYC, and heading to Florida was the best tax option for the NBA star...

Michael Beasley, the ex-Kansas State player, was traded to Minnesota to make space for a three point specialist for the Heat.

NBA's silly season...annoying fans everywhere.

World Cup Soccer Wraps Up

Spain, the favorite, will play Holland on Sunday for the World Cup. Spain beat Germany 1-0, in a game where the dominated defensively, allowing Germany only six shots on goal. Surprisingly, this is Spain's first appearance ever in the World Cup final.

Holland beat Uruguay 3-2 in a very exciting game--the result was something of an upset. Holland which hasn't had a World Cup final since 1978, will be an underdog to Spain. It will be tough for Holland to win, as Spain has one of the best keepers in the world and excellent defense.

Germany and Uruguay will play for third place Saturday July 10 starting at 1330 CDT. The championship game will be Sunday, July 11 at 1330 CDT. Thus endth the Worth Cup.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Down to Four

Players from Paraguay and Spain via for a ball during their quarterfinal (via KC Star)

The World Cup is down to four: Uruguay, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Germany and Spain will play July 7th at 1330 CDT. Uruguay and Netherlands will play July 6th at 1330 CDT. The quality of play has been getting better and better!