Monday, July 26, 2010


Jason Kendell needs to be taking some time off. He is on track to play something like 140 games, which is more games than a catcher in the major leagues has played since something like 1979. The guy is 38 freaking years old, we have nasty hot weather in the summer here at home and in many of baseball's other venues. He hits and plays better after a rest.

If Brayan Pena isn't good enough to be a back up, dump him and get someone who is. You don't have a defensive liability for a back up catcher. Shoot, they don't even DH or pinch hit Pena enough to say so. The man has a whole 34 at bats in 98 games. That's nuts!

This needs to change, and if it doesn't change this season, it must change next season. Dayton Moore should be fired if this doesn't change.

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