Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James to Miami

OK, I'm disappointed. A lot. It would have been wonderful for the Knicks to actually play meaningful basketball games again. It would have been nice if Cleveland, one of the most woebegone sports cities in the US, had been able to keep him. The Daily News brings that New Yawk attitude to the situation...

Commentators have been pretty hard on James, calling him out for avoiding the spotlight and pressure that going to New York or staying in Cleveland would have given him. The Cavs' owner basically called his ex-player a selfish loser. Rush Limbaugh analyzed the tax situation: for James, getting out of Ohio, staying way away from NYC, and heading to Florida was the best tax option for the NBA star...

Michael Beasley, the ex-Kansas State player, was traded to Minnesota to make space for a three point specialist for the Heat.

NBA's silly season...annoying fans everywhere.