Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Podsednik Traded

Scott Podsednik

The Royals traded Scot Podsednik, 34 year old outfielder to the LA Dodgers for AAA catcher Lucas May and A pitcher Elisaul Pimentel. This is one of those trades that you wish you didn't have to make. Pods is a complete ball player--he really has average or above average in everything except power. He is also a good presence in the club house. The youngsters will be put to good use, and the catcher seems to be a real prospect to advance to the big club in a short time.

In other roster news, Victor Marte, after some bad outings, was sent to Omaha. Bryan Bullington was recalled. With the trade of Pods, there is one open roster spot. No word yet on the Royals intentions, but at this point they are carrying only five outfielders on the active roster. And that counts Guillen.

Other bits of this team that could be traded include Guillen and Farnsworth, but to me the trading of Podsednik shows that anyone short of Grienke, Soria and Butler is fair game.

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