Friday, December 31, 2010

New York NFL Teams: Both Pretenders

In my opinion, unless they suddenly get hot, both New York NFL franchises will make early exits from the playoffs, if they make it at all.

The Giants have committed 41 turnovers during the season. Mostly Eli Manning throwing interceptions. That is way too many turnovers and just puts too much stress on a team's defense and special teams. Eventually they crack. Which is why the Giants are not in the playoffs now, and will need help from the Bears to get in.

The Jets have significant parts of their football team disappear for long stretches. Sometimes it's the offense and inconsistent QB Mark Sanchez. Sometimes it's the defense, giving up way too many points and yards. The Jets are in, but in real danger of losing in the first round. I do think the Chiefs would be a real challenge for the Jets, especially at Arrowhead.

The class of the AFC is without a doubt the Patriots. The best of the NFC may be the Falcons, Saints or Eagles. They are a little bit closer together than the AFC, where New England is clearly the class of the league.

UConn Women's Team Loses After 90 Wins

It was Stanford, another power in women's college basketball that finally ended UConn's win streak with a convincing 71-59 win over the Huskies in California.

That may have been the only way someone finally beat Connecticut--Stanford has a 50+ winning streak in their home building.

90 games--still very impressive.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chiefs AFC West Champs!

I'm happy but not so happy that I am writing the same post twice--so head over to the mother ship for a post on the Chiefs!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Giants Are Killing Me!

I am so glad I did not see the Giants game live on TV. I probably would have hurt the TV.

But still, gacking up a 21 point lead?

That punt?

Oh, please. No more.

They had a players meeting and they are keeping the poor punter. You know, Hunter Smith is available...

Greinke IS Gone

While the Chiefs were the dominant news on Sunday, especially after the win, the trade of Zack Greinke to the Milwaukee Brewers for four young players attracted some attention too. Lots of people were critical, disappointed, dismayed. Many think the Royals will not win 60 games next year.

Let's take a look at what we got for Zack and Yuni Betancourt...

Three of the four players have had at least a cup of coffee in the majors.

Two are position players and two are pitchers.

One has been suspended for pot use twice. If he pops another positive drug screen, he's done. That is pitcher Jeremy Jeffress.

They all have potential--it was once said that potential was French for "not worth a damn."

Naming names, besides Jeffress, we have Alcides Escobar a strong defense no offense shortstop. Lorenzo Cain, speedy center fielder, who also is not yet hitting at a major league level.

Jake Odorizzi is the most intriguing of the lot, a power/control pitcher but he is the least experienced of the group, and has not played higher than A ball.

Truly only time will tell if we have made a trade that will help the Royals build a winner, or we have sent yet another superstar away for a stew of just average players.

In the meantime, a lot of Royals fans are feeling blue, and it is not from the chilly winter weather.

Photos, from Google image searches, from top to bottom: Alcides Escobar, Jake Odorizzi, Jeremy Jeffress and Lorenzo Cain.

Chiefs Win

Well, one down two to go!

The Chiefs came out tight and out of synch, but the defense held the Rams to field goals in the first quarter. That 6-0 could have just as easily been 14-0.

After that, the Chiefs offense got into gear, and the Rams were unable to cope. Kansas City winners!

Next up the Titans, who won yesterday, at Arrowhead. Lets go Chiefs!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rams-Chiefs: Very Important Game

This game...well, I am glad I don't bet on sports, because this game is a very tough game.

You have two young, young teams who are on the upswing after several years of stinkiness.

One team's QB is 10 days out from laproscopic surgery--I believe Matt Cassel will play, but the memories of how badly Ben Rothlesberger played after his appy are in my head. Matt Cassel does not have time for two bad games. However, Brodie Croyle just isn't good enough for us to have in there at this point.

Both are in first place now, but the race for each would be much much easier if they won this game. The Chiefs divisional competition is quite serious with the San Diego Chargers. So there will be pressure.

How will the teams and coaches react? Who will perform best under pressure?

That team, the team that is the least tight or gets rid of the jitters first, will be the winner. The team that avoids stupid penalties, turn overs and plays good defense. That's the winning team.

I hope it's the Chiefs. This is a pick'em to me. See you 1200 at the Jones Dome.

Greinke's Gone

It's really just a matter of not getting ripped off now.

Because Zack Greinke is as good as gone from Kansas City.

I'd love to see him with my Mets, but the Mets farm system is a desert. There is nothing there to deal to KC.

This really sucks in so many ways. I got to see Zack pitch several times, and even when he does not have his best stuff, his talent is obvious and outstanding. It would have been great to watch a good team come together around him.

I think some of this really is about his psyche and the way Zack works--that his make up really struggles with all the losing, and he can't deal with another losing year in 2011, that it messes with his head. I think that's why he said some of the things he said late in the season this past summer and why he wants to be dealt now.

He will be missed. I will still be a Greinke fan, the same way I have been a Carlos Beltran fan and a Jermaine Dye fan and a Mike Sweeney fan. It's the way the sporting life is.

File photo of Greinke from the Kansas City Star.

KU Got P'owned

So here is this news all over the interwebs, radio, TV: New athletic director for the University of Kansas. Bubba Cunningham had had successful runs at mid majors Ball State and Tulsa and was all but signed Tuesday, December 14th to come to Lawrence.

By Thursday, December 16th, it had all gone--poof! Cunningham signed a new long term contract with Tulsa--terms not disclosed. Something happened during the negotiations with Kansas. Or maybe it was the changing nature of the Big 12. Or the scandal with the tickets.

All I know is that KU and the local sports media looked pretty darn stupid at the end of the day. Who knows how Mr. Cunningham was able to use the threat of his leaving to get terms he liked at Tulsa. Something tells me he got just about anything he wanted from the Conference USA school.

Best quote from a Kansas City Star piece on restarting the search: “I feel a little used,” said David Cohen, a KU senior from Leawood. “So that’s a bummer. I think we’ll be able to find someone who’s equally capable and maybe has a more classy name.”

Read more:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm supposed to be somewhere in 10 minutes so let me make this brief:

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the San Diego Chargers 31-0 not just because Brodie Croyle isn't very good.

It is because the defense turned in a real clunker, a stinker. This was their game to win, and they didn't do anything.

I wonder if the team convinced itself that there was no way to win without Matt Cassel starting.

If that happened, that is a coaching failure of an epic kind.

The sound of people jumping off the Chiefs bandwagon so far this week has been deafening.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Chiefs This Sunday--A Lotta "If"s

You would have to be living in a hole in this town if you had no idea that Matt Cassel was "doubtful" for Sunday's game against San Diego due to having his appendix removed Wednesday. This puts Brodie Croyle as the starter in this important game. While we did not have any thought that this was a "easy" game to win for KC, this puts a positive result much more in peril. Do the Chiefs have any chance to win with Cassel nursing his post operative self on the sideline?

If the Chiefs can run--if the Chiefs can avoid falling behind--if the defense plays well and avoids the big play--man, that's a lot of ifs--then the Chiefs have a chance to win--and here's another if--Croyle avoids turning the ball over.

However, I would not be surprised to lose this game owing to an anemic ineffective offense.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winning Ugly

So what did I tell you? Chiefs win with first score.

Who knew that would be the only touchdown in the game? Or during that disaster of a third quarter the defense would save our sorry butts?

A win is a win. Let's move on. Forgotten after 2400 Sunday night.

A brief word on Barry Richardson. I have read several opinions that he ought to be cut for his anger display and pushing an assistant coach. I disagree. As long as this kind of emotional display is not a habit, I believe that Richardson should be retained. Maybe some mandatory counseling, or a group therapy session on anger, but I agree with Todd Haley. This was born of the passion of the moment--anger at himself for the costly penalty. If we kicked everyone to the curb that ever expressed emotions in a bad way, there wouldn't be anyone left who gave a damn--all you'd have are robots, passives and sociopaths. Generally speaking, this is not a group that strives for the excellence required to be winners in the NFL...or anywhere else in life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mid America Nazarene Loses

The reports are not all in yet, but MNU lost their quarter final NAIA game to Sioux Falls University. From a peek at the stats, turnovers did in the Pioneers. The score was 17-0 at half, but MNU fumbled in their first possession of the second half and never could recover, losing 38-0.

Congratulations to the MNU Pioneers for a fine season!

Send the Donkeys Packing!

Tomorrow the Chiefs and the Denver Broncos get after it at Arrowhead. It will be chilly and windy--perfect for a good running game.

With the prowess that we have shown in passing of late, even in the wind, teams will have to game plan for Cassel, Bowe and co. That should open up lots of running chances for Charles, Jones and McCluster. Hey, sounds like a law firm! They should lay down the law against an inferior Denver team in front of lots of screaming Chiefs fans.

This will probably be low scoring and will not turn into a laugher, but the Chiefs should not let Denver sniff the lead. Kansas City will win, and definitely will win if they score first.