Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winning Ugly

So what did I tell you? Chiefs win with first score.

Who knew that would be the only touchdown in the game? Or during that disaster of a third quarter the defense would save our sorry butts?

A win is a win. Let's move on. Forgotten after 2400 Sunday night.

A brief word on Barry Richardson. I have read several opinions that he ought to be cut for his anger display and pushing an assistant coach. I disagree. As long as this kind of emotional display is not a habit, I believe that Richardson should be retained. Maybe some mandatory counseling, or a group therapy session on anger, but I agree with Todd Haley. This was born of the passion of the moment--anger at himself for the costly penalty. If we kicked everyone to the curb that ever expressed emotions in a bad way, there wouldn't be anyone left who gave a damn--all you'd have are robots, passives and sociopaths. Generally speaking, this is not a group that strives for the excellence required to be winners in the NFL...or anywhere else in life.

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