Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rams-Chiefs: Very Important Game

This game...well, I am glad I don't bet on sports, because this game is a very tough game.

You have two young, young teams who are on the upswing after several years of stinkiness.

One team's QB is 10 days out from laproscopic surgery--I believe Matt Cassel will play, but the memories of how badly Ben Rothlesberger played after his appy are in my head. Matt Cassel does not have time for two bad games. However, Brodie Croyle just isn't good enough for us to have in there at this point.

Both are in first place now, but the race for each would be much much easier if they won this game. The Chiefs divisional competition is quite serious with the San Diego Chargers. So there will be pressure.

How will the teams and coaches react? Who will perform best under pressure?

That team, the team that is the least tight or gets rid of the jitters first, will be the winner. The team that avoids stupid penalties, turn overs and plays good defense. That's the winning team.

I hope it's the Chiefs. This is a pick'em to me. See you 1200 at the Jones Dome.

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