Saturday, December 18, 2010

Greinke's Gone

It's really just a matter of not getting ripped off now.

Because Zack Greinke is as good as gone from Kansas City.

I'd love to see him with my Mets, but the Mets farm system is a desert. There is nothing there to deal to KC.

This really sucks in so many ways. I got to see Zack pitch several times, and even when he does not have his best stuff, his talent is obvious and outstanding. It would have been great to watch a good team come together around him.

I think some of this really is about his psyche and the way Zack works--that his make up really struggles with all the losing, and he can't deal with another losing year in 2011, that it messes with his head. I think that's why he said some of the things he said late in the season this past summer and why he wants to be dealt now.

He will be missed. I will still be a Greinke fan, the same way I have been a Carlos Beltran fan and a Jermaine Dye fan and a Mike Sweeney fan. It's the way the sporting life is.

File photo of Greinke from the Kansas City Star.

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