Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Needs to Quit Covering Up

You absolutely would have to have been totally out of touch not to know that early Friday morning (like 0230), Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and a tree just outside his posh Florida home. Since that time, he has said just about nothing about the crash and speculation has run wild about the circumstances surrounding the crash. On Wednesday, The National Enquirer reported that Tiger had been having an affair with another woman. The website and TV show TMZ have reported that Tiger and his wife had a big fight before the crash. Reportedly, his wife smashed the back windows of the SUV and pulled Tiger out of the car.

Questions--just a few. For example, Tiger's wife is a trophy, 105 lbs dripping wet. How did she pull Tiger out the back window? If I had been on the scene, first I would have called 911. Then I would go about getting the driver's side door open. From the crash pics I've seen, the driver's side was undamaged and that door would probably open. If the doors were all locked (likely in these days of automatic locking when the car is in gear.) I would have broken the passenger side window and unlocked the door that way. Also I would have left Tiger in his driver's seat, unless he was completely awake, and let EMS package him up for transport.

Yes, Tiger should have some privacy. But in this matter his quest for privacy is a hindrance. Talk to the cops. Give a real statement to the media, not some manufactured PR bullshit. That would stop the speculation in its tracks. It would also take the legs out from the story right now. As it is the story continues to fester. And it will come up again and again as the police department does evidence gathering. For example, they will examine the Caddy. Is there blood in the car as you would expect with injuries from the crash? Is it in the right places? There has to be surveillance cameras in this private gated community; what do they show? You can bet that if they show anything, it will come out. Will they want blood or hair from Tiger to see if he was under the influence of narcotics or alcohol?

Just come out with the truth, Tiger:
I had a fight with my wife.
She whacked me one.
She chased me out of the house with a golf club.
I ran away, got in the car, and drove like a wobble head.
I am so embarrassed, it was completely stupid.
We are going to work on our marriage and that's all I'll say about that.
Or whatever the real, truthful story is--the good, the bad and the ugly. (The above is one possibility making the rounds.)

Story: Done.

Your Josh Freeman Update

I think he really knows what he is doing out there. (

Tampa Bay should have won this game. Their defense played better than it had been with 6 sacks and holding Atlanta to 75 yards rushing. They had a blocked punt. Turnovers were a wash at one a piece. Josh Freeman was 20 for 29 for 250 yards, two TDs and no INTs. Josh did again fumble the ball, but he recovered it himself---need to work on that. Where the game was lost was at the very end. Atlanta had 8 tries to get it in from the 10 yard line for the TD that would win the game. Tampa Bay called two very questionable time outs during this time, giving the Falcons,who were out of time outs, a chance to catch their breath and plan the next play. The first time out was called with Atlanta at 4th and goal on the TB 10 yard line. On the next play, TB committed defensive holding, penalized 5 yards and an automatic first down for the Falcons. That's just a killer. When it was forth and goal on the TB 5 yard line, the Bucs called another time out. The next play was the game winning TD. So, why call those time outs?

If I'd been in Josh Freeman's shoes, part of me would have been cheering my head off for the defense to stop Atlanta.

And part of me would have been sitting with a towel over my head, not wanting to watch.

Chiefs: A Downer in San Diego

We're going to have to send Jamal Charles to the Tiki Barber School of Fumble Prevention. (Kansas City Star)

Well, I'll tell you what. I had a commitment and could not listen or watch this game past about the midway point of the second quarter. The last thing I heard was the TD scored by the Chargers. It was after that that the shit hit the fan. Jamal Charles fumbled, stopping a drive. Matt Cassel fumbled, creating a very short field, and before you knew it the rout was on. The Chiefs gave up three turnovers leading to 21 points for the Chargers. You just can't do that. It puts your defense on the field too much and in tough field position. A very poor day for the offense in every way.

And a bit of a set back for the Kansas City Chiefs in their rebuilding program.

Post Border War: What a Game!

Wow, what a game! Back and forth, back and forth with changes in momentum, great plays, bad plays. This game had everything, except very good defense. The scoring summary helps sum up the day:

KU TD @ 06:40
Dezmon Briscoe 7 Yd Pass From Todd Reesing (Jacob Branstetter Kick)
MU FG @ 03:52
Grant Ressel 43 Yd
KU TD @01:04
Todd Reesing 1 Yd Run (Jacob Branstetter Kick)
MU TD @ 05:49
Derrick Washington 1 Yd Run (Grant Ressel Kick)
KU TD @ 03:03
Kerry Meier 8 Yd Pass From Todd Reesing (Jacob Branstetter Kick)
MU FG@01:01
Grant Ressel 28 Yd
MU TD @ 13:16
Derrick Washington 14 Yd Run (Two-Point Run Conversion Failed)
KU TD @ 07:30
Kerry Meier 2 Yd Pass From Todd Reesing (Jacob Branstetter Kick)
MU TD @ 05:45
Jerrell Jackson 37 Yd Run (Grant Ressel Kick)
MU TD @ 04:03
Danario Alexander 68 Yd Pass From Blaine Gabbert (Grant Ressel Kick)
MU FG @ 13:29
Grant Ressel 37 Yd
KU TD @ 12:01
Dezmon Briscoe 74 Yd Pass From Todd Reesing (Todd Reesing Pass To Kerry Meier For Two-Point Conversion)
KU FG @ 05:10
Jacob Branstetter 39 Yd
MU causes a Safety @ 02:45
MU FG @ 00:00
Grant Ressel 27 Yd

Caught your breath yet?

Blaine Gabbert was 23/41 for 303 yards and one TD. Todd Reesing was 37/55 (55!?!) for 498 yards, four TDs and one INT. Mizzou had the rushing star, Derrick Washington who ran for 111 yards and two TDs. The star receivers were, for KU, Kerry Meier 10 catches for 54 yards and two TDs, and Dezmon Briscoe, 14 catches for 242 yards and two TDs. Danario Alexander had 15 catches for 233 yards and one TD for MU.

Kansas could have easily won this game. They had two more turnovers than Missouri, including two fumbles by the otherwise all world Briscoe, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why they did all that passing when they were pressed back against their own goal line. I was listening to post game on the KU Radio network, and the commentators were hard pressed to come up with a reasonable explanation for the play calling in that situation. The best anyone could do was to say that that's what KU is, pass, pass, go, go. Seeing now that they threw the ball 55 times, I could go with that explanation.

Now, these programs are going to have very different futures. Mizzou with 8 wins is headed to a pretty decent bowl game, and all the young players, including Blaine Gabbert are a year older and wiser. Kansas is not going bowling, and has persistent questions about the future of its coach. There will be significant rebuilding needed as KU will lose seniors in critical positions including QB and receiver.

Uh-oh, there he goes. Danario Alexander runs from the KU secondary. (Kansas City Star)

Dez Briscoe eludes capture. (Kansas City Star)

Kerry Meier makes a TD catch. Check out the crowd reaction. (Kansas City Star)

I love this shot. Not only does it show an important play, but note all the black and gold referees in the stands. (Kansas City Star)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pre Border War Thoughts

Fans at the 2007 Missouri-Kansas football game at Arrowhead Stadium. (Kansas City Star)

I did not go to MU or KU. I live in Missouri, where I have lived for 20 years. My tax dollars go to Mizzou. I like to root for the underdog. Therefore, I am not quite sure what to do about tomorrow's MU-KU game. MU is favored by 3.5 (last I looked) and could put itself with a win in a position to go to a pretty good bowl game. Kansas is that underdog. Also, I have some sympathy for Mark Mangino and what has gone on with him, and a win would be nice for him and also make KU bowl eligible. I do not think that a win will save Mangino's job, but weirder things have happened.

OK, here we go. Go Missouri! Win in a couple of OTs!

Digesting the Holiday Meals, er Games

Remember Miles Austin from the Chiefs game with Dallas? Here he is, scoring against the Raiders. (

Well, I was hopeful we would have some holiday goodies on Thanksgiving from the NFL. Unfortunately, the games were about as exciting as the white meat on an overcooked turkey. Detroit could not do anything offensively against Green Bay after their first initial drive. I thought it significant, though none of the commentators noted it, that the Lions had lost their fine rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew to injury in that first drive. He is a favorite target of Matt Stafford, and it seemed the Lions were pretty stagnant after that. They also had all those turnovers.

The Raiders made something of a game of it against Dallas, but again, the inability of the offense to move the ball and the defense to stop Dallas' passing game caused this to be pretty one sided. The Raiders tried to make it interesting, but couldn't get it done late. Boy, this was a hard game to follow: for a Giants and Chiefs fan, these are two teams you just learn to love to hate.

Finally, the Giants. Do we have to talk about the Giants game with Denver? Giants couldn't run, could barely pass, couldn't carry momentum,couldn't rush the passer and turned the ball over twice to the Broncos. What is wrong with this team? Maybe, they are just not that good...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chiefs Win in an Upset

Sorry to rain on your parade, Steelers fans. I hope you had a good time anyway. (KC Star photo)
Well, here was the upset I thought the Chiefs had in them this year, then decided they were not good enough to pull this kind of upset. Despite being outgained offensively 515 yards to 282 yards, the Chiefs took advantage of Pittsburgh mistakes, were actually more effective on offensive third down plays, in general avoided bad penalties and negative plays and the defense bowed up when it had to and they won this game in OT 27-24. The game looked like it might be a blow out at half with the Steelers up by 10 and the KC offense not doing a thing, but the team showed guts and resourcefulness and was opportunistic. Chris Chambers was the offensive star with 4 catches for 119 yards. Ryan Succop and Jamal Charles were special team stars with Succop two for two in FGs including the OT winner. Charles ran back Pittsburgh's opening kickoff for a TD as well as contributing 58 yards rushing and 2 receptions including one for a TD. And defensively, Andy Studebaker was the star, with 4 tackles, 1 assist, half a QB sack and 2 interceptions. The defense was especially impressive in the fourth quarter and OT, getting to Ben Roethlisberger repeatedly.

This was a nice win. We're not ready for the playoffs, but I think this shows progress.

Who is this guy? Andy Studebaker returns his first interception deep into Steelers territory. (KC Star photo)

Your Josh Freeman Update

Former Chief Scott Fujita tackles Josh Freeman causing a fumble recovered by New Orleans. (N.O. Times-Picayune photo)
Well, you know it had to happen sooner or later. Josh Freeman had a "rookie" game. The New Orleans Saints, a genuinely good NFL team, took young Josh and his teammates to the woodshed with a 38-7 waxing. The Bucs had a TD pass in the early going, but after that it was all ugly. Freeman was sacked three times, threw three interceptions and gave up one fumble. It was not a good day for accuracy for the Grandview High grad. He threw 13 passes in the direction of Kellen Winslow, Jr. and only connected five times. New Orleans had their way with the Tampa Bay D which was on the field a lot and often defending difficult field position. Next up for undefeated New Orleans is New England at the New Orleans Superdome. That should be a great game. Tampa Bay goes to Atlanta to play the Falcons. Not getting any easier for Josh!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mangino Mess

Sheesh, what have we here? Mark Mangino, KU football coach has not had any allegations I have seen of choking, hitting, grabbing or kicking any KU football players. All I find are stories of "humiliation" and one episode of a player getting poked in the chest. Players at KU apparently went right to the Athletic Director, Lew Perkins and complained. Then, instead of quietly investigating the situation, Perkins calls a big meeting with all the players and Mangino is not invited. It is not long after when news comes out of an investigation....

Lots of smoke. Where's the fire? Seriously, if this much of a deal is being made, and Mangino is toast at KU, this just doesn't sound like enough of anything for that much of a deal. Either there is some horrible bunch of details we haven't heard, or this is a whole lot of smoke and not much fire. The team has lost five in a row this season, and the offense has lost its swagger, but overall Mangino has done a fine job raising KU's football profile.

Stuff from the Kansas City Star.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By the Hair of Their Chiny-Chin-Chin

Kansas narrowly escaped an upset by a totally unheralded Memphis team,winning 57-55 in St. Louis last night. Kansas was offensively out of synch much of the game, ending up with 21 turnovers and looking discombobulated without Sherrod Collins in the game. If Memphis could have had better shot selection and made more shots, KU would have been toast. It's easy to forget that KU is very young right now, with only Collins and Cole Aldrich with significant game experience. Coach Bill Self called it an opportunity to learn. I bet. And maybe time to find your backup point guard.

Sherrod Collins returned after several minutes in the locker room, physically doing better (the bandage in his AC space indicates that he received some IV fluids, not visible in the photo but reported by Bob Davis on the radio broadcast) and able to hit the clinching shots from the field and on the free throw line.
Cramps, cramps, cramps. Once they start, they are hard to stop without an IV.
Bill Self, with Excedrin headache no. 21, all those turnovers. (all photos from the Kansas City Star)

I Thought It Was Cool Looking; I Didn't Realize It Was So Hard to Read

Hey, sports fans. After reading the responses of the audience of a very popular blogger who switched from a template with a black background to one with a white background, and tossing the question out there myself, I decided to change the look of this here blog. It is true that this is not so hard on the eyes, although it definitely lacks that sleek cool black look. There's a font change too, and I changed some colors. So we'll see how we like it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Now for the Bad News

Quick, two items of bad news, both of which are still developing...

The NFL announced that it is suspending Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs for use of PEDs. He will be out four games.

Mark Mangino, Kansas University's head football coach, is in hot water for supposedly touching a player during a practice session. According to radio reports, several players went to Athletic Director Lew Perkins with complaints about Mangino's behavior.

Links from the Star:

And, oh yeah, in other news, LJ signed with the Bengals.

Greinke Gets Cy Young

Grienke in Royals photo day spring training 2009 picture.
Royals pitcher Zack Greinke won the Cy Young award for most outstanding pitcher in the American League this past season. Greinke won 16 games for the 97 loss Royals with an ERA of 2.16 runs per 9 innings. In the first month, Zack was unhittable, 10-1 with an ERA of less than 1.0. King Felix and CC Sabathia were good candidates that weren't good enough.

The only discouraging thing was immediately on sports talk radio they were discussing how much we could get for him in a trade. I turned that nonsense off. Let's try to build up a team around him first.

Congratulations to Zach Greinke for his excellent season.

A couple of links from Sports Illustrated writers, including former Kansas City Star writer Joe Posnanski.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Your Josh Freeman Update

Josh Freeman escapes Miami's defensive clutches for a first down during yesterday's game between the Bucs and the Dolphins. Josh finished 16-28 for 196 yards, with one INT and one TD. In addition he ran for 36 yards. (
Tampa Bay and Miami had themselves a dandy little football game Sunday. The Dolphins won with a field goal with 10 seconds left in the game. Miami's running game helped them win the game. Josh Freeman had some bad moments and then some very good moments. He ran several times for important yards and first downs. He did lose a fumble on the center snap in the first half and was rushed all day. In the second half, he established some rhythm, and it is beginning to look like he is getting a good connection with Kellen Winslow Jr. Enjoy some highlights of the game right here from the NFL network folks.

Amazing Comeback

If you are a football fan, you had to just love the game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts last night. The game had everything: a great player having a great game (Randy Moss), a great comeback (Colts), a decision for everyone to talk about (Belichick going for the first down on 4th and 2), even some controversial referee decisions. I was listening on the radio; before the Colts got their first touchdown and there was about 31/2 minutes to go, I was rehearsing the things the Colts would need to win: touchdown, ball back quickly, touchdown. Very unlikely, I thought. But they did it. I do think Belichick's choice was a poor one to go for it. I'll take the chances on my defense defending a longer field, thank you.

A few stills, also from

Randy Moss was unstoppable at times. He had 179 yards receiving and 2 TDs.
The critical moment: Lawrence Maroney tackled short of the first down late in the forth quarter.
Did the genius outsmart himself by going for it on forth down? Or by using up all his time outs so he could not challenge the spot of the ball on the forth down play? You can bet they are talking about it in Boston!

Chiefs Won...Yawn

Ryan Succop hits a field goal during Sunday's game. The last man picked in the 2009 draft has proved to be a reliable kicker so far and one of KC's best players. (Kansas City Star photo)
The Chiefs won a football game over the Raiders in Oakland Sunday. It wasn't an exciting or artful win. Todd Haley was caught cussing at coaches and players by the TV cameras on the sidelines and this was probably the most exciting thing that happened during the game.

Friday, November 13, 2009

College Basketball Starts

Can I be honest with you? With the major colleges padding their skeds with patsies and mid-majors in both the beginning of football and basketball seasons, I pay only scattered attention to what is going on at that time, unless a special game brings with it a good match up. I'll check scores to just keep up and to get a feel for how a team is coming together. But generally, the football season isn't interesting until conference play and the basketball season isn't interesting 'til the holiday tournaments leading into January. So, unless the shit really hits the fan, you won't find much here on college basketball for a little while.

Oh, by the way, Kansas 101, Hofstra 65. Only interesting if you are a Hofstra alum. (It was pretty exciting when the University of Vermont played Kansas a number of years ago...We held our own, only losing by 6 points, keeping it interesting til the end.)

Taylor Coppenrath shoots over Wayne Simian in UVM's tilt with KU at Allen Field House during the 2004-05 season. (like the watermark says, Lawrence Journal-World photo)

NFL Story Lines

A few story lines I'll be following during the remainder of the NFL regular season.

1. Will the New York teams right themselves? Both the Jets and the Giants slid into their bye weeks on losing streaks.

2. Will the Chiefs, Rams, Lions, Bucs, and Browns win another game this year?

3. Will New Orleans go 16-0? Will Indy go 16-0?

4. Will resurgent Steelers and Patriots make us doubting Thomas types look foolish?

5. Which mediocre team will win the NFC west?

6. Is the two-game-losing-streak Broncos the real Denver team or that other one that won all those games at the beginning of the season?

7. Will Brett Favre keep it up or wear down towards the end of the season?

8. Will the Dallas Cowboys actually win a game in December?

9. Are the Bears, and Redskins as bad as they seems to be? Has Tennessee righted their ship? How bad is the Oakland Raiders QB, Jamarcus Russell?

10. Can Josh Freeman continue his solid play for the Bucs?

More than enough to keep a football fan's interest--and I don't even do fantasy football!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Larry Johnson going to court--he did this altogether too often. (Kansas City Star)
Larry Johnson, running back, was released by the Kansas City Chiefs this morning. The Chiefs discovered they could live without him.

LJ had some good years, but could not stay healthy later in his career. His attitude problems could not be overlooked any more. He might get picked up by another team for a quick fix, but I personally would not add him to my team.

'Nuff said.

I Want My Josh Freeman No. 5 Throwback Jersey!

The man of the hour yesterday (
Well, Mr. Freeman acquitted himself rather well on Sunday. In his first career start, Buccaneers rookie QB(K Stater, and Grandview High grad) Josh Freeman was 14-of-31 for 205 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. Freeman's 7-yard touchdown pass to WR Sammie Stroughter on fourth down gave Tampa Bay a 31-28 lead with 4:14 remaining and capped a nine-play, 72-yard drive. Tampa Bay's defense held that lead rather nicely, first with a QB sack of Aaron Rodgers and then a Pick-6 interception. Tampa Bay is now off the snide with their first win of the season. There will be no 0-16 this year...

Following this is going to be fun...and yes, he'll get his own label.

And What is Wrong with the Giants Anyway?

The game winning stick in the eye--I mean touchdown catch. (
The New York Giants lost again, making it four in a row, to the San Diego Chargers 21-20. A touchdown catch by Vincent Jackson with 21 seconds left completed the San Diego comeback. Penalties and poor offensive play undid the Giants. They left at least 8 points out on the field, settling for field goals when touchdowns were needed. Especially after an interception return to the Chargers 4 yard line at the 3:14 mark of the fourth quarter. A holding call took the Giants back, and at 2:07 the Giants added 3 when they should have added 7. Penalties and poor offensive play undid the G-men in this one.

New Orleans is still undefeated!!!

What, You've Never Seen "The Miracle in the Meadowlands"?

Well it was the same year I graduated from high school. However, thanks to the wonders of YouTube and people with busy VCRs back in 1978, we have on the internets preserved for viewing pleasure (stretching the definition for Giants fans just a tad) "The Miracle in the Meadowlands."

This is Just Painful

A stiff arm to the face...kind of like this season so far. (photo:
OK, I have been a fan in the tough times. I saw live as it happened "The Miracle in the Meadowlands" when Herm Edwards scooped up a Joe Pisarsick fumble and ran to the end zone. I lived through all the years when the New York Giants were awful every single year. This with the Chiefs this year is just amazingly frustrating. We are not even creative enough to make different mistakes each week. You could just recycle the same commentary each week.

* The offensive line is terrible.
* The defense allows too many big plays.
* The team has no leadership or identity
* Todd Haley needs to fire himself as offensive coordinator or head coach.

The two touchdowns at the end of the game almost make it worse! How come we can't do that during the rest of the game?!?

I'll listen and watch because I like football and they are my team, but I have no expectations any more.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


There was lots of this for both teams today. (AP photo)

I listened to KU-K State while raking nature's bounty of leaves off my lawn early this afternoon. Then I went to run errands and spend my birthday money. I only heard snatches of the Missouri-Baylor game. So I sit down to blog tonight, needing to look up the score of the game. While waiting for my computer to get hooked into the WiFi system, I pulled out my Blackberry and went to ESPN. There, waiting for me was the surprise of the day--out loud in public I uttered in surprise, "What?!?" Because the final score was 40-32--Baylor.

It looks like a defense optional pass fest, with footballs flying all over the field in Columbia. Blaine Gabbart passed for 468 yards and 2 touchdowns. Baylor's QB, Nick Florence, a freshman, passed for 433 yards and 3 touchdowns. Neither QB had a pick. Neither team could run. Even after pulling out the minus yards for quarterback sacks, each team had less than 50 yards rushing. All this in Columbia, which is especially galling for Tiger fans. Upsets like this just don't happen at your own house.
Missouri now is in last place in the Big 12 North. Go figure.

Sunflower Showdown

Fumble! Kansas State defenders scramble to pick up a KU fumble. (KC Star photo)

Kansas State defeated Kansas 17-10 in Manhattan today. KU turned the ball over 3 times, and the offense was inconsistent and unable to establish a rhythm. K State D was stout when it needed to be and their stud running back Daniel Thomas ran for 183 yards total, running 105 of them in the third quarter when K State grabbed the game and would not let go. KU's offensive woes continue with Todd Reesing fumbling twice, intercepted once and still in a slump. This, along with Mizzou's loss to Baylor, puts K State in a position to win the Big 12 North. Not bad for a team expected to be in the basement this year.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chiefs News

The Chiefs-Jaguars game, which is in Jacksonville will be blacked out for the home team Jag's viewers. Not terribly surprising, considering the records of the teams and that Jacksonville has been struggling with attendance. In fact, rumors have the Jags headed for the west coast...

Jarrad Page is done for the year with a calf injury. There will be more trouble in the defensive backfield now, in all likelihood, as the Chiefs will sign someone off the waiver wire or practice squad.

Chiefs pick up Jerry Chambers, a veteran receiver cut by San Diego. He had several drops against the Chiefs October 25th. So we'll see if he can be of any help...

A huge flap over a sign that attempts to say profound things about team has erupted. The sign says, "Losers assemble in small groups and complain about the coaches and other players. "Team" Winners assemble as a team and find ways to WIN." The sentiment is OK, but the sign was posted in a public area for all to see, and seems to close off all comment. It's just kind of dumb--kind of high school. I would have more respect for it if it was posted in an area less public and less likely to be seen by the press.

Believe it or not, there are still nine games left in the football season...

Baseball Round Up

So the New York Yankees, after yielding in game 5, polished off the Philadelphia Phillies in 6 games. They were just a better team, playing better fundamentally, pitching better and hitting better. Congratulations to Hideki Matsui, the series MVP, who was locked in all series. Yanks will have a tough decision on whether to retain the 30+ year old hitter, who has knee problems that restrict his outfield play. Seattle should sign him and the two great Japanese hitters can play together. (Scary!)

Royals finally traded Mark Teahen to the Chicago White Sox for two infield guys. General consensus is that this is an OK deal for the Royals. I'll miss Teahen. He was a guy willing to do anything for the team, and seemed very unselfish. He hustled and worked hard. In other Royals news, the Royals declined contract options on CoCo Crisp, Miguel Olivo, and Yasuhiko Yabuta, so their careers as Royals are over.

Too bad we can say the same about Gullian and Farnsworth...

Hot Stove League next!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Orleans Saints Still Undefeated

Pooh on the SI cover jinx--New Orleans wins on Monday night, remaining undefeated.
Weather for New York tonight. During the day, 54 degrees and partly cloudy. Tonight, mostly cloudy. A chance of showers...mainly after midnight. Lows in the lower 40s. South winds around 5 mph...becoming north around 5 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 30 percent. Currently, at 6:50 pm EST, clear and about 50 degrees. Pitching match up: Pedro Martinez for the Phillies, Andy Pettitte for the Yankees.
I'd say the World Series has been seriously lucky with weather so far.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Area Colleges: A Mixed Bag

Kansas had a chance against Texas Tech but couldn't get it done in the forth quarter.

Kansas State was game against a better opponent at their house.

Missouri did what they are supposed to do--beat a weaker team.

Next few weeks, when everyone plays everyone, should be very interesting.

Jake Sharp, meet Jarad Wall. Nate Bukady (KU radio network) on Sharp after the hit: "Jake Sharp does not know where he is." Hope Sharp is OK.

NFL Roundup November 1

Headline: Titans, Rams get first win of the season. Tennessee makes quarterback change and Vince Young is a positive with a steady hand to lead the Titans over the Jags. Rams are in control most of the game and put the Lions away. Both teams get to skip being 0-16 this year. Tampa Bay is the only remaining win less team in the NFL (it must be noted that there are five teams with only one victory). Pah, parity.

Headline: Favre is not phased by return to Green Bay. Vikes pretty much move up and down the field as they please, with Adrian Peterson leading the way and strong defense, including another monster game from Jared Allen.

Headline: New York teams both struggling. Giants and Jets both have issues. Giants have forgotten how to play defense and Jets have forgotten how to play special teams. Both Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez are forgetting to throw the ball to people wearing the same color jersey as themselves. Makes for a long football day as a New York fan.

Headline: Chiefs didn't lose. Well, we had a bye.

Yankees in Control of Series

It appears that the New York Yankees have control of the World Series now being up 3-1. They have won impressively in Philadelphia twice now. Perhaps the Phillies can extend the series to six games with a win tonight but the way the momentum is going, it appears unlikely that the Phils can win three in a row. This is not a team that is radiating confidence and steadiness.

The Yankees, on the other hand, are like watching a controlled demolition of a building. You know the explosion is coming; you just don't know when. Also, the Yankees rarely self destruct, playing sound and alert baseball throughout the season, and continuing in the post season. Johnny Damon's alert theft of third base last night is a great example of this awareness. The Yankees will not fall apart on the big stage. Yanks will finish it up in six.

A Rod goes "BOOM" in the 9th inning last night. (AP)