Monday, November 9, 2009

And What is Wrong with the Giants Anyway?

The game winning stick in the eye--I mean touchdown catch. (
The New York Giants lost again, making it four in a row, to the San Diego Chargers 21-20. A touchdown catch by Vincent Jackson with 21 seconds left completed the San Diego comeback. Penalties and poor offensive play undid the Giants. They left at least 8 points out on the field, settling for field goals when touchdowns were needed. Especially after an interception return to the Chargers 4 yard line at the 3:14 mark of the fourth quarter. A holding call took the Giants back, and at 2:07 the Giants added 3 when they should have added 7. Penalties and poor offensive play undid the G-men in this one.

New Orleans is still undefeated!!!

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