Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mangino Mess

Sheesh, what have we here? Mark Mangino, KU football coach has not had any allegations I have seen of choking, hitting, grabbing or kicking any KU football players. All I find are stories of "humiliation" and one episode of a player getting poked in the chest. Players at KU apparently went right to the Athletic Director, Lew Perkins and complained. Then, instead of quietly investigating the situation, Perkins calls a big meeting with all the players and Mangino is not invited. It is not long after when news comes out of an investigation....

Lots of smoke. Where's the fire? Seriously, if this much of a deal is being made, and Mangino is toast at KU, this just doesn't sound like enough of anything for that much of a deal. Either there is some horrible bunch of details we haven't heard, or this is a whole lot of smoke and not much fire. The team has lost five in a row this season, and the offense has lost its swagger, but overall Mangino has done a fine job raising KU's football profile.

Stuff from the Kansas City Star.

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