Monday, November 2, 2009

NFL Roundup November 1

Headline: Titans, Rams get first win of the season. Tennessee makes quarterback change and Vince Young is a positive with a steady hand to lead the Titans over the Jags. Rams are in control most of the game and put the Lions away. Both teams get to skip being 0-16 this year. Tampa Bay is the only remaining win less team in the NFL (it must be noted that there are five teams with only one victory). Pah, parity.

Headline: Favre is not phased by return to Green Bay. Vikes pretty much move up and down the field as they please, with Adrian Peterson leading the way and strong defense, including another monster game from Jared Allen.

Headline: New York teams both struggling. Giants and Jets both have issues. Giants have forgotten how to play defense and Jets have forgotten how to play special teams. Both Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez are forgetting to throw the ball to people wearing the same color jersey as themselves. Makes for a long football day as a New York fan.

Headline: Chiefs didn't lose. Well, we had a bye.

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