Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chiefs-Steelers Sunday Night


We need one.

We have a lot of good stuff on this team, but we do not have an offense. Even with Matt Cassel in, we don't have an offense. Our lack is just highlighted by the injuries to Cassel, Charles and Moeaki. Our quarterbacks struggle to run the game, make the correct reads and execute. Some of our players have concentration problems. Bowe's lack of effort with the last pass was terrible--either he didn't see the ball's trajectory correctly, or he was afraid to get hit. Both are below standard for a professional football player.

I am glad, however, that we did not get our heads handed to us on national TV, and that the game was entertaining to the end, and the city shots looked pretty good. So, it could have been much worse.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Your Josh Freeman Update

It's been an up and down year for Josh and the Bucs. Like the Chiefs they are dealing with a much tougher schedule. Josh has made some comebacks in the fourth quarter, but he has also thrown more interceptions than all of last year already. The Bucs are losing more than winning. This year feels more like a sophomore year than last year did. Teams have "book" on Josh now.

Tampa Bay is a bit like the Chiefs now. If they have any chance, it is very small. It is more about learning and improving, not going to the Super Bowl now.

World Series Note

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series after an extraordinary game 6 in which they came back from the dead twice to win in extras. Texas should have won that game, which was pivotal in so many ways. The game will live on as a classic, with great performances, bad performances, the whole works.

As is so often the case, the loser of a tough game 6 cannot bring it for a game 7. The Rangers jumped out to a 2 run lead in the first, but after that it was all Cardinals. David Freese (rhymes with Breese as in Super Bowl MVP Drew--that's how I remembered how to spell it!) was the MVP of the series. He's a hometown boy, with many Missouri connections.

It's about time we had an excellent world series. It must be noted that in a bit of a stunner, Tony LaRussa retired after the series--as in, the day after. I must admit I was surprised.

Chiefs Report: Very Shallow

If you were a realist, you knew that this year for the Kansas City Chiefs had the potential to be a trying and long year. With a division champ's schedule it was possible that the team could have a worse record and actually be better.

This team is not very good at all. In addition to the tough schedule, which actually got tougher with Detroit and Buffalo improving, the Chiefs were severely bitten by the injury bug. The results are just 4 wins--all over weak or struggling teams (and one lucky win)--and blow out losses. Losses where the offense was AWOL, and by dint of that, the defense got blown off the field.

The injuries revealed that the Chiefs were beautiful--OK mildly attractive--only skin deep. When Charles, Berry, etc. were lost, the subs were revealed to be inadequate. The loss of Matt Cassel has revealed that Tyler Palko is not an NFL level QB. Injuries in the secondary have revealed that players asked for more playing time are not very good.

Our lines continue to be a disaster--the offensive line is not protecting or run blocking very well--and the defensive line lacks depth and size. No one has emerged to help Tamba Hali with rushing the passer, so pressure on opposing QBs is sporadic at best.

Coaching and managing too, has taken a step back. Todd Haley made several bad judgment calls on how to manage the team, Scott Pioli has not stepped forward to add new players and the team has a reputation for cheapness. Today, Orten was released by Denver, and I opined that the Chiefs should try to sign him. Then I remembered--it would take money to sign him. Going to be a long rest of the year.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sports World Crazy

It used to be that the world of sports had a predictable rhythm based on the seasons of the year. Concerns of the games themselves occupied our time in reliable time periods and generally out of season sports keep themselves to themselves. Not any more.

Furthermore, the news isn't just confined to the field of play. We have courtrooms and board rooms in the mix too.

So, what has happened? The two hottest stories right now are one, Missouri moving to the SEC. Two, the horrible sexual abuse case swirling around Penn State's football program and its legendary coach Joe Paterno.

West Virginia, pending legal action, is joining the Big 12.

Melky Cabrera was traded to the San Francisco Giants for two pitchers, one with a lot of possibilities.

The NBA is on strike and truly looks dead in the water at this point. Larger and larger chunks of the season are going away.

On the field of play, our Chiefs played a gutsy, heart filled and somewhat lucky game Monday night against San Diego, then laid a Sunday egg against winless Miami. The Giants and Jets are doing pretty well, with the Giants coming back against New England; with the NFC east playing the AFC east, Giants wins against Jets division foes count double!

Joe Pa is probably going to have to end his wonderful career with the distasteful stink of this scandal on it. He did what was legally required. Why he stopped there, and didn't go further to make sure that it was taken care of is any one's guess.

Missouri leaving has a bundle of implications for Kansas City, and for the wonderful ancient rivalry with Kansas. Mostly negative. KU does not want to play Mizzou and it is not likely that the Big 12 will play its tournament in a state that does not have a team in the conference.

College basketball is just starting, NASCAR is just ending and baseball winter meetings are just around the corner.

Those are the right things here.

Oh, and Tampa Bay lost to New Orleans. Josh has thrown more INTs half way into this season then all of last year. Pay attention, Josh!