Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chiefs Report: Very Shallow

If you were a realist, you knew that this year for the Kansas City Chiefs had the potential to be a trying and long year. With a division champ's schedule it was possible that the team could have a worse record and actually be better.

This team is not very good at all. In addition to the tough schedule, which actually got tougher with Detroit and Buffalo improving, the Chiefs were severely bitten by the injury bug. The results are just 4 wins--all over weak or struggling teams (and one lucky win)--and blow out losses. Losses where the offense was AWOL, and by dint of that, the defense got blown off the field.

The injuries revealed that the Chiefs were beautiful--OK mildly attractive--only skin deep. When Charles, Berry, etc. were lost, the subs were revealed to be inadequate. The loss of Matt Cassel has revealed that Tyler Palko is not an NFL level QB. Injuries in the secondary have revealed that players asked for more playing time are not very good.

Our lines continue to be a disaster--the offensive line is not protecting or run blocking very well--and the defensive line lacks depth and size. No one has emerged to help Tamba Hali with rushing the passer, so pressure on opposing QBs is sporadic at best.

Coaching and managing too, has taken a step back. Todd Haley made several bad judgment calls on how to manage the team, Scott Pioli has not stepped forward to add new players and the team has a reputation for cheapness. Today, Orten was released by Denver, and I opined that the Chiefs should try to sign him. Then I remembered--it would take money to sign him. Going to be a long rest of the year.

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