Saturday, August 28, 2010

High School Football Is Back!

Truman and Ruskin captains meet for the coin flip Friday night.

Football! Football is back! First, Friday Night Lights, as the Missouri high school season started this past Friday. Next Saturday, colleges will start in earnest. Then the NFL will start up the weekend after Labor Day.

We had fun at Ruskin High. Our team, reflecting the merger of Hickman Mills and Ruskin High Schools, is bigger (in all ways!) and more talented. Now in Suburban Mid 6, our first game was against Truman High School. And we thumped them! People were walking around District Stadium with their mouths open, gaping at the 45-6 final score.

This is gonna be fun!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Thought They Sent These to Africa!

We have several stores in the Kansas City metro that specialize in freight damaged, overstock and like that merchandise. Sometimes you can get real deals there. Sometimes you find neat unusual stuff there. One day, at the Bargain Factory in Grandview, I found this item. Now as you may recall, the Giants won that game, with a wonderful performance by Eli Manning and his unappreciated band of receivers and a tough defense.

When I get it out out of the wash, I'll add the correct one. Gloat, gloat.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Josh Freeman Update and A Bit on The Chiefs

Freeman after the game, with the thumb splinted (

Josh Freeman busted the thumb on his throwing hand during Saturday night's game against the Chiefs, hitting it on a helmet on a follow through. He is done for preseason, having had only 3 series and thrown only 8 passes. Needless to say, Tampa Bay fans are concerned as Freeman needed to have the work. He is supposed to be ready for the beginning of the season. A bad break for Josh and for the Bucs, who are going to vie with Kansas City for being one of the worse teams in the NFL.

As for the Chiefs, signs of real life were sighted in the offense and special teams. The defense? Not so much. Still unable to stop the run or rush with any less than 7 players, we got problems there. Lots of high scoring games ahead, which does not bode well for the team. Defense still wins championships. Maybe they'll come together--Romeo Crennel is coaching them up like crazy trying to compensate for personnel deficiencies.

Brett Favre Back With Vikes

So he's back now, in Minnesota and Vikings fans can breathe easier for now. He insists this is his last year. The Vikings are now playoff contenders, ready to challenge the Saints and others in the NFC.

It really is a shame that Minnesota hasn't developed a quarterback on their own that they can have faith in. And one of these days, Favre will really retire, and then what will the Vikings do?

Ya'all need to get busy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Royals Now--Like a Box of Chocolates

You truly do not know what you are going to get.

Take the just concluded Yankees series, which the Royals split 2-2. Two games they got run out of the stadium. Two games they got good or exceptional pitching and major league defense and won.

On Saturday night A-Rod goes yard three times. On Sunday afternoon, he is 0/3. So it's the pitching that will win games for the Charlie Brown Royals in the last 6 weeks of the season. The offense, while showing occasional flashes, is pretty much lame. Strong defense with error free play is also essential to Royals' Ws.

Wouldn't it be nice if Bryan Bullington, the gentleman in the photo above, (from the Kansas City Star BTW), finds his first round draft choice magic with the Royals, his fifth organization? Wouldn't that be completely awesome? He was OK in his first outing against the Angels, and outstanding against the Yankees. Keep Bannister in the bullpen, and let's really give Bullington a good look see at the major league level.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chiefs First PreSeason Game a Cold Slap of Reality

Three places the Chiefs MUST improve in order to have a decent season.

The defensive pressure and no run defense again Falcons' first teamers last night.

The offensive protection for Matt Cassel resulting in turn overs and poor play.

Matt Cassel...must improve decision making under pressure.

There were some good things, but last night showed exactly how far this team has to go before it's a good team.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just HAD to Post This!

Denver Broncos rookie QB Tim Tebow is not exempt from rookie hazing. In spite of his Heisman Trophy and national championship, Mr. Tebow got a hair cut from the veterans on the team. They barbered him to look like a monk. Here he gets a head rub from a coach...

And someone snapped a photo at the training table. These pictures made me laugh!

Thank God hair grows!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Retire Already!

Bret Favre is twitting (I meant to say tweeting, but somehow, twitting seems appropriate...) and texting that he is retiring. He is telling teammates, select media--everyone but the coach of his team.

No one believes him. No one. The general thought oh when training camp is over, and the ankle feels better, he'll be back. One columnist said he'll believe it after the Vikings complete their season--all 16 games, plus any post season games--and Favre has not played in any of them.

Nick Wright tried to argue that Favre is as offensive as players like Allen Iverson that bump up against authority. There was a whiff of the race card in his argument. Some callers disagreed. Some callers got on Wright for bringing it up at all.

So shoo me away from the conservative den, but I think Wright is right. Ask yourself, seriously, would a Black player get away with this BS year after year without being called a selfish SOB?

Favre is a very good quarterback with a winsome game that is fun to watch. I am not sure he is worth this hassle. The only problem is for this season, his presence was counted on. For him to suddenly retire leaves the Vikings in a problem. His waffling at this stage seems inconsiderate.

Bret, make up thy mind. And then, do not change it again during 2010-11. Thank you.