Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Retire Already!

Bret Favre is twitting (I meant to say tweeting, but somehow, twitting seems appropriate...) and texting that he is retiring. He is telling teammates, select media--everyone but the coach of his team.

No one believes him. No one. The general thought oh when training camp is over, and the ankle feels better, he'll be back. One columnist said he'll believe it after the Vikings complete their season--all 16 games, plus any post season games--and Favre has not played in any of them.

Nick Wright tried to argue that Favre is as offensive as players like Allen Iverson that bump up against authority. There was a whiff of the race card in his argument. Some callers disagreed. Some callers got on Wright for bringing it up at all.

So shoo me away from the conservative den, but I think Wright is right. Ask yourself, seriously, would a Black player get away with this BS year after year without being called a selfish SOB?

Favre is a very good quarterback with a winsome game that is fun to watch. I am not sure he is worth this hassle. The only problem is for this season, his presence was counted on. For him to suddenly retire leaves the Vikings in a problem. His waffling at this stage seems inconsiderate.

Bret, make up thy mind. And then, do not change it again during 2010-11. Thank you.


  1. 獨居時,要反省自己的過錯;在社會大眾之間,則要忘卻別人的過失。..................................................