Sunday, August 22, 2010

Josh Freeman Update and A Bit on The Chiefs

Freeman after the game, with the thumb splinted (

Josh Freeman busted the thumb on his throwing hand during Saturday night's game against the Chiefs, hitting it on a helmet on a follow through. He is done for preseason, having had only 3 series and thrown only 8 passes. Needless to say, Tampa Bay fans are concerned as Freeman needed to have the work. He is supposed to be ready for the beginning of the season. A bad break for Josh and for the Bucs, who are going to vie with Kansas City for being one of the worse teams in the NFL.

As for the Chiefs, signs of real life were sighted in the offense and special teams. The defense? Not so much. Still unable to stop the run or rush with any less than 7 players, we got problems there. Lots of high scoring games ahead, which does not bode well for the team. Defense still wins championships. Maybe they'll come together--Romeo Crennel is coaching them up like crazy trying to compensate for personnel deficiencies.

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