Monday, November 30, 2009

Chiefs: A Downer in San Diego

We're going to have to send Jamal Charles to the Tiki Barber School of Fumble Prevention. (Kansas City Star)

Well, I'll tell you what. I had a commitment and could not listen or watch this game past about the midway point of the second quarter. The last thing I heard was the TD scored by the Chargers. It was after that that the shit hit the fan. Jamal Charles fumbled, stopping a drive. Matt Cassel fumbled, creating a very short field, and before you knew it the rout was on. The Chiefs gave up three turnovers leading to 21 points for the Chargers. You just can't do that. It puts your defense on the field too much and in tough field position. A very poor day for the offense in every way.

And a bit of a set back for the Kansas City Chiefs in their rebuilding program.

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