Saturday, December 18, 2010

KU Got P'owned

So here is this news all over the interwebs, radio, TV: New athletic director for the University of Kansas. Bubba Cunningham had had successful runs at mid majors Ball State and Tulsa and was all but signed Tuesday, December 14th to come to Lawrence.

By Thursday, December 16th, it had all gone--poof! Cunningham signed a new long term contract with Tulsa--terms not disclosed. Something happened during the negotiations with Kansas. Or maybe it was the changing nature of the Big 12. Or the scandal with the tickets.

All I know is that KU and the local sports media looked pretty darn stupid at the end of the day. Who knows how Mr. Cunningham was able to use the threat of his leaving to get terms he liked at Tulsa. Something tells me he got just about anything he wanted from the Conference USA school.

Best quote from a Kansas City Star piece on restarting the search: “I feel a little used,” said David Cohen, a KU senior from Leawood. “So that’s a bummer. I think we’ll be able to find someone who’s equally capable and maybe has a more classy name.”

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