Friday, July 23, 2010

Royals Trade Callaspo, Activate Gordon, Ankiel

Roster moves are happening. Some trade related. Some injury related. Some performance related.

Alberto Callaspo, who seems to have found a defensive home at third, was traded to the Angels for two pitchers, one of which is close to major league ready if not ready. It surprised me, but it shouldn't have, as we are well stocked at third base. Specifically, this clears the way for prospects to come up. I thought this trade might happen with Aviles instead, so a little surprised.

David DeJesus will probably be a Royal for the rest of 2010. He is injured now after running into the wall at Yankee Stadium last night, and out for the season with a torn thumb ligament. He'll need surgery for this injury.

Rick Ankiel will return to the team. Alex Gordon is called up. Wilson Betemit will play third. Gordon, Ankiel, Podsednik, Bloomquist, and Maier with help as needed from Guillen will play outfield.

Finally, Andrew Lerew, who stank up the place for 3 consecutive starts is designated for assignment, and one of the guys from the Angels, Sean O'Sullivan, is in his spot.

We play the Yankees some more, in New York, this weekend. I hope it's cooler there.

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