Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Series: Rangers Up 3-2, In St. Louis Now

This has actually been a pretty fun series. The games have been pretty close mostly (one blow out--Monday's game was much closer than its final 4-0 Rangers score) and very dramatic, full of strategy and second guessing, a real nirvana for baseball fans. After the Cardinals first two wins, I was wondering if my prediction was going to be wrong, but when Texas took game 5 and put St. Louis in the position of two must wins, the prediction looked better.

Tonight's game was postponed. For the second time this post season, the Cards started a home stand after the very best weather had ended. Today's early morning Kansas City rain became a steadier St. Louis rain, and MLB decided they didn't want a stop-and-start game and they didn't want a potential series winning game played under less than ideal conditions, especially since once the rain is outta here, it will be dry again--a little nippy but dry.

Texas, in general, has gotten better hitting with men on base and better rates of hits when really needed. Matt Holliday left many men stranded Monday night. The best Ranger has been Mike Napoli, pictured above in game 4 action.

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