Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NFL Football: One Undefeated, Three Suck for Luck

We are half way through the football season, and the drama over undefeated is still in order, but with only one team--the Green Bay Packers. Meantime the Suck for Luck competition is going strong with Miami, Indianapolis and St. Louis all winless to this point.

Surprises: That St. Louis is so bad. That the 49ers are so good. That Payton Manning meant so much to the success of the Colts. That the New York teams are frustratingly inconsistant--because of their offenses. That the defenses are coming back after a poor beginning. It has been a fun season.

Loss: Al Davis, batshit crazy but a pioneer and a bull, an innovative guy with attitude. As a Jets and Chiefs fan I hate the Raiders, but as a fan of football, there is no denying his importance to the history of the sport.

The Raiders made a daring deal for Carson Palmer, as if in Al's honor. We (Chiefs) play them this weekend. Makes for an interesting prep week.

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