Wednesday, October 19, 2011

World Series To Start Tonight

Well, I hope the Rangers brought their woolies, because our wonderful fall weather has changed for the cooler--near freezing here in Kansas City and I anticipate similar in St. Louis tonight.

Of the four teams vying for spots in the World Series last week, the Rangers had the most unknown and possibly the least good pitching staff. Otherwise, they stacked up pretty well against any of their possible opponents. So the question this series to me boils down to this: Can the Texas Rangers' pitchers hold down the Cardinals hitters enough so that the Rangers are not always playing from behind/having to catch up? Which in this post season environment is a tough thing to do? That is the key to this series, to me.

Here is my prediction: I would love to see St. Louis win--they were left for dead during some parts of the season and are in as wild card--but I predict the Rangers in 6.

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