Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's Apology

Step 9: Made direct amends to people we had harmed...
Tiger Woods took 13.5 minutes of the world's time this morning starting at 1000 CST to apologize for his cheating on his wife. Attired rather starkly in dress shirt without tie, dark jacket and trousers, Woods looked stiff and scripted as he read/gave his statement. Opinions have generally been positive concerning the effects of the statement, and the event has been talked about all day.

To me, it sounded like boiler plate recovery talk, part of the seek forgiveness, make amends steps. Tiger is a man working the recovery program. If he means it, and means to continue working on being a better, more real, more genuine person, great. If it's just blather, then we all wasted our time.

Let's be real. The world of golf wants--no, needs--him back. Golf is not nearly as interesting or fun without him, nor does it make any money without him. I wish him well in his continuing recovery work. Let's hope he can keep it real.

More on the 12 steps here.

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