Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Notes--The Forth Quarter

Start of forth quarter:
Answer to question about Dwight Freeney: No not as effective. Ankle probably stiffened up during half time, and unexpected turn at defense at the beginning didn't help. He has been struggling with his ankle taping since the break too.

15:00 Colts have ball. Can Saints stop them?

10:44 Colts on NO 33, forth down. A field goal. Stover cannot kick it that far. It's 51 yards!
NO GOOD! Score still NO 16, IN 17
10:39: NO ball on NO 41 (where ball spotted for kick attempt) Short field.
5:46: TD pass to Shockey. Good for him! I have always liked him--was delighted when Giants got him. He missed out two years ago due to injury. I'd be glad to have Shockey 88 NO jersey.

5:46: They are going for two.
Called incomplete! Replay--challenge that! Challenge that! He had possession! You only need possession for a second and break the plane for a score.
They challenged it, and the call is reversed! Two points for Saints. Kudos to CBS for excellent replays and camera work. Score NO 24-IN 17

5:35: Game has moved fast. Plenty of time left for Manning--he scares me. I keep thinking about the Patriots game. Colts on the IN 30.

3:29: Injury timeout for NO lineman. Colts already at NO 31.

3:24: Pick 6! Pick 6! I want to run around in the street! About the play: watched the blitzing NO doing (Sims blabbing about it)--NO sent 5 guys--then followed the ball out of Manning's hand. Saw Tracy Porter break on the pass, and thought "INT possible" Outstanding downfield block by lineman--#91? Will have to watch replay tomorrow on line. Score with extra point NO 31 IN 17

3:05: Colts ball at the IN 14. Even down two scores, Manning still scares me. Still keep thinking about Patriot game. Saints D: Make them take up lots of time to score, using their precious time outs!

1:42: Argh, horrible roughing penalty against Saints! Ball on NO 3 after penalty.

1: 33: Garcon had to mug Saint's DB to prevent INT, Indy back to NO 13.

1:10: Addai left for loss--Saints defended run much better in second half, esp 4th quarter.
Sideline shots of Drew Brees with backups Brunnel and Mizzou product Chase Daniel.
I could see Chase Daniel as Drew Brees someday...

:50: Ball through Wayne's hands--had to wait for replay on that--falls incomplete. Ball to Saints--just need a kneel down to win. The French Quarter must be NUTS now.

00:00: Saints win the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

Post Game notes:

Cute camera shots of Scott Fujita and Drew Brees toting their kids. Brees' kiddo wearing ear muffs for noise!

Len Dawson looks great toting the Lombardi trophy. (Reader education moment: In 1970, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. It was played in New Orleans--nice bit of going around there.)

Saints players touching trophy as he goes through--careful guys, don't break Lenny--he's a Kansas City treasure!

Nice presentation, well done by Jim Nance.

French Quarter IS nuts!!!

Good game, now out into the snow...

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