Saturday, February 13, 2010

High School Basketball: Boys Play at a High Level

A fast break basket by Ruskin--so fast, the Ruskin player who laid it in is out of the picture to the left.
I went to my first high school boys basketball game yesterday, and came away very impressed by the quality of play I saw. Belton High School's team has some height, a couple of good jump shooters and some quickness. They would have done very well where I went to high school in a non-urban New England area. They were, however, undone by Ruskin High School's world of quicks and athleticism, struggled with turnovers--Ruskin was quick into passing lanes, and had quick hands. Belton attempted zone defense, and the zone was simply not executed well enough, leaving Ruskin shooters open for jumpers in rhythm. Ruskin thumped Belton without difficulty.

While the quality of play is not as good, one should not overlook the JV game that starts an hour and a half before the varsity. This one went into overtime, with Ruskin winning by two. This is how young players start to find out what it takes to be a prime team and prime time player. I suspect lessons were learned by the youngsters that will serve them for years to come.

There is only a week left in the season, but if you can catch your high school in a game before the end of the regular season, do it!

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