Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Notes--Second Quarter

15:00: Saints ball on NO 15. Need to move ball and score.

10:09: Brees sacked--one handed by Freeney. The DE looks good right now.

9:40: FG good from 46. Sack led to getting only 3 point opportunity but good to get on the board.
Score NO 3 IND 10

9:34: Colts ball on the IN 22.

8:30: A bad drop by Pierre Garcon--like Colston, through his hands and hit him in the head!
results in a three and out--ball to Saints.

8:14: Saints start at NO 28

4:28: Bad blown coverage on pass to Colston. Colts Defensive Coordinator, up in booth, threw pen. Wonderful camera shot, CBS! Saints on IND 3.

2:00: Two minute warning. Saints have had the ball over 6 minutes. Several camera shots of Payton Manning on bench, scowling under his baseball cap. No one near him.

1:55: Forth and one--going for it!
Pierre Thomas stuffed no gain
Like the gamble, but not the play call. Would have passed the ball.

1:49: Colts with ball on IND 1. Pinned back but bad field position doesn't bother Colts much.

:51: Colts third and one--they run and are stopped! Saints will get the ball back. Very conservative series for Colts.

:35 Saints ball on the NO 48. Great three and out for D, now time to score!

:05: Great late half score! Hartley kicking well too--advantage Saints.

00:00 End of first half. Score NO 6 IND 10
kick off to IND to start second half.

Only 6 offensive plays for Indy in second quarter. Lots of camera shots of Manning scowling on sideline--good, he can't score from there. We need more points for us though.

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