Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Notes: First Quarter

One of these days, I am going to activate the function that lets you blog from your mobile device. I had to settle for the old fashioned pen and paper to take notes on the Super Bowl last night, and now have to translate, I mean transcribe, my chicken scratch. There will be edits for clarity and I will use the play by play chart to add time and play cues. There is an advantage: I can post in the right order--I'll actually do the forth quarter first, and end with the first quarter, with this being the last post, so when you read it, it will read correctly from the first quarter through to the forth quarter.

Start of game: I am tardy leaving church and so hear coin flip on the radio. New Orleans wins and elects to receive. I think this is the right call, start out on offense and set the tone.

13:31: Still in the car! It's snowing!
Saints punting from the NO 31, after only 3 plays. Not a good way to start.

Now I am inside, in front of a nice High Def TV. A good number of folks here with me. The field, a natural grass turf, looks emerald green...

13:22 Colts ball, at the IN 27.

7:34: Colts kick FG, Matt Stover 38 yards. False start penalty during drive hindered Colts quest for TD. Score NO 0 IND 3

7:22: Cannot go three and out again, NO ball at NO 26

5:35: Terrible drop by Marcus Colston. Ball went through his hands and hit him in the head!

5:22 Punt from the 50. At least changed field position.

5:12. Nice punt. Downed by Saints at the IN 4. But Colts good at 90+ yard drives.

:42: Colts TD, Garcon out runs coverage. Uh-oh, even 96 yards not long enough field! Score NO 0 IND 10

:30: NO ball on NO 11 after Saints holding penalty on kick off. Pressure on Saints offense now.

00:00 End of first quarter.

Note: Even though field looks in great shape, and weather is fine, players are slipping. Need the grass cleats guys, not the Field Turf cleats.

So far, Dwight Freeney looks plenty quick and tough, beats blocking if not doubled or chipped.

Chili's has brought back the Carribean Salad; it's not quite the same recipe but it's not bad!

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