Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Outstanding Game

Hickman Mills playing the zone defense that helped them to victory.
Hickman Mills and Grandview hooked up for a terrific boys basketball game last night. The game went into overtime and was won by Hickman Mills 67-66. Here's the score by quarter:

Hickman Mills- 12 15 12 25 5 67
Grandview----- 15 19 14 14 4 66

You can see that Hickman Mills caught up in the forth quarter after being down 9 points virtually all game. They did it by making 3 point shots, and by playing well executed zone defense in the last quarter and OT, which Grandview never could quite solve. I'm afraid I don't have a roster, but young Mr. Dennis for Hickman Mills displayed icy calm as he made his 3 three point shots in the forth quarter and extra period. Hickman Mills had a total of 5 treys, against only 3 for Grandview.

Interestingly, both teams shot pretty well from the foul line, including some high pressure shots. Grandview was 13-17 and Hickman Mills 14-18--both roughly 78%. As this blog has asked before, what has happened to free throw shooting at the college level, especially among the elites?

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