Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Notes--Third Quarter

Question for beginning of third quarter: Long half time--does Dwight Freeney's ankle tighten up rendering him less effective?

15:00: Saints kick off to Colts. Score NO 6 IN 10
Onside kick! Onside kick! Hit a #80s guy for Indy...
What is going on inside that pile? [Note: probably a lot more balls then the football were getting squeezed ;-0]
OMG! OMG! We have the ball!

1459: Saints have the ball at the NO 42.

13:10: Colston has been money since that bad drop--9 yard catch for him here.

11:50: Took advantage--right down the field! Sweet screen for the TD.
Score after the kick, NO 13 IN 10

11:33: Colts with ball on IN 24. Can they be stopped?

6:24: Not this time! Addai in--nice cut for the score. God, they are scary when they are in rhythm. Score with kick: NO 13 IN 17

6:08: Saints ball. Got to keep up.

2:06: FG good. 3rd FG for Hartley. Wish we got a TD, cannot have enough points against the Colts. Score: NO 16 IN 17

1:55: Colts staring at IN 11--bad field position just doesn't phase them.

00:00: End of third quarter. Colts on IN 29.
Moment to breathe.

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