Monday, January 4, 2010

Your Josh Freeman Update

Freeman lets one fly against Atlanta. Nerdy UniWatch note: After starting out not wearing any padding below the waist, Josh is wearing thigh and knee pads now. (
Tampa Bay lost 20-10 to Atlanta in a grinding game played in 40 degree rainy weather in Tampa. Atlanta stuffed Cadillac Williams, holding him to 40 yards on the day. As stated earlier, a good running game makes a QB better and Josh did not have a running game this day to help him. Freeman threw two interceptions in the forth quarter, leading to 10 Atlanta points. One ball he threw was to a receiver with four defenders around him. To the Buc's credit, they stayed in the game for the majority of the day, scoring first with a field goal, and catching up to tie at 10-10 early in the forth quarter, but the turnovers did them in.

Josh will need to cut down on the number of INTs he throws He needs to figure out if it's mental (not reading the defense right for example) or a matter of physical execution, not being accurate with throws. If I were a Bucs fan, I would be concerned, but optimistic about the QB position. In many ways, the Bucs are ahead of the Chiefs. They have a stout defense that can hold the opposition, and they have some runners and pass catchers. The team is very young and needs to mature. They also need to settle any uncertainty about their coaching situation--rumors have been flying about first year coach Raheem Morris. All in all a promising start for the Grandview High grad, but he must continue to mature, and he must work this off season to be better.

It's been fun. We'll be back to watch next year.

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