Monday, January 25, 2010

New Orleans Wins in Classic Game

This game was just a classic, a wonderful game with ups and downs and all kinds of turns and twists. I arrived at the bar/restaurant just in time for the second half kick off. I noted that the score was tied 14-14. In review, I see that the first three series by each team resulted in long drives that ended in touchdowns. The second half is set up. Both teams come out and score on their first second half possessions, leaving the game tied 21-21 with about 71/2 minutes left in the third quarter. The game has baseball like intensity, with each possession so meaningful; two powerful offenses needing to score each time, lots of pressure. At this point the defenses both step up, but in different ways. The New Orleans defense is physical, knocking Favre down every chance they get, and knocking the Vikings around. The Vikings just stop New Orleans a number of times, with several series ending in punts. The Vikes move the ball better against the Saints then the Saints move it against the Vikes. The difference? Turnovers. Minnesota fumbles five times in the second half, losing two of them. Favre throws two interceptions. New Orleans does put the ball on the carpet several times also, but loses none of them in the second half, and Drew Brees throws no interceptions. The game ends at a 28-28 tie.

Favre was pounded early, late, and often (
New Orleans gets the football first in the OT. It is not an easy route down the field, requiring many good catches and one forth down conversion. Finally it comes down to a field goal attempt from the 30 yard line--a 40 yard attempt. The kick is true, and the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. The radio call is wonderful: "It's good! It's good! It's goo-goo--hood! Pigs have flown! Hell has frozen over! The Saints are on their way to the Super Bowl!"

Adrian Peterson and that slippery pigskin...(

Breathless, I am completely breathless after this game.

The Super Bowl is going to have to work some to be this good.

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