Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL Conference Divisional Playoffs or "SemiFinals" If You Will

Tony Romo gets sacked by the Vikings defense and fumbles. (

I can't believe I managed to be busy during NFL playoff season, but I did. I only caught scraps of each game, although enough of each to catch a flavor of the games as they progressed. Frankly, I was surprised by the routs.

Perhaps I should not have been surprised that the Cardinal's defense could not do a blessed thing with the New Orleans Saints' offense, but I was. This might have been Kurt Warner's last game; if so, he will be greatly missed, and I think he is a HOFer.

Minnesota blasted the Dallas Cowboys. Their defense was outstanding and got into Tony Romo's head big time. 6 sacks will do that to you. It was a rare Dallas pass play that Romo wasn't hassled, touched, hit or yelled at and it showed. This Giants fan is sssooo sad for the Cowboys--not!

Baltimore will need more offensive power if they expect to progress further in the playoffs. Their defense was credible against Payton Manning, but Joe Flacco and his receiving corps just were not up to the standard of second round playoff football. There is the possibility floated by Peter King that the Ravens' outstanding safety Ed Reed may have to retire due to health issues. The only people happy about that will be NFL quarterbacks. Reed deeked Payton Manning twice (at least) during this game.

The surprise of the bunch? The Jets winning over the San Diego Chargers. I thought the Chargers might be in trouble when the halftime score was just 7-0 Chargers. The Jets are a tough pesky team that must be demoralized and put away early. When the Jets get behind, they must rely on Mark Sanchez more, and cannot emphasize their defense and running game. Since they were still hanging around, the Chargers, who were making bad sloppy mistakes all game, were vulnerable. The Jets scored 17 points in the second half, and battered the Chargers with the run, and then held on at the end. Phillip Rivers had to have had the most meaningless 298 yard passing day in the history of the NFL. Could Norv Turner be in trouble in San Diego?

Reggie Bush runs from the punter during his return-for-TD against Arizona. (

Conference championship games: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints. Hmmm....

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