Monday, January 4, 2010

Giants Lose--Heads Already Rolling

Brett Favre worked over the Giants. (
Giants mail it in for a second consecutive week, get pasted by Minnesota 44-7. The defense is especially suck-y, giving up 316 yards and 4 touchdowns to Bret Favre. This quote from the Giants co-owner John Mara about sums it up:
“The status quo is not acceptable,” Mara said. “When you lose that many games where you get blown out, there’s something wrong.” Mara said the 8-8 record felt more like 2-14.
So heads have already rolled, mainly the head of Bill Sheridan, the first year Defensive Coordinator. He had been promoted from Linebackers' Coach after Steve Spagnolo left for the St. Louis Rams. More heads will probably roll, including some players, maybe some pretty high profile guys.

It's going to be an interesting off season, in a totally different way than the Kansas City Chief's off season will be interesting.

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