Monday, January 4, 2010

Chiefs Win--I Like It!

A little slow to post today. I think my brain is frozen.

Hey the Chiefs won by 20 points over the Denver Broncos! 44-24 was the final score. Denver fans must be fit to be tied by their team's complete collapse during the second half of the season. It really was a defensive failure by the Broncos, allowing Jamaal Charles to run for a team record 259 yards. Matt Cassel also was able to show some passing game flashes, with long passes to Terrance Copper and Chris Chambers. It's clear a good running game makes the QB better. In addition Derrick Johnson had to be let out of the dog house due to injuries to starters and he made the most of his opportunities, returning not one, but two interceptions back for TDs.
Hey, here's Jamaal's back up! Derrick Johnson returns an INT for a TD (Kansas City Star)

I am officially a member of the Jamaal Charles fan club! (Kansas City Star)

I like this win. I like this win against a team that had to win, that had something to play for. I like this follow up to the strong performance against the Bengals. I like that this team did not lay down and die like the Giants. I am not going to get all snarky about Clark Hunt selling season tickets, or the pay roll, or taxes or Arrowhead or any of that. I am not going to repeat criticism of the defense, or of Todd Haley that I have written before. You can get that stuff off of any of a dozen or two blogs and comment sections. I am going to enjoy a good solid win over a rival at their place. I am going to look forward to the 2010 draft. I am going to look forward to the 2010 season because I am a fan and an optimist and what else are you going to do, suck sour persimmons for the rest of your life? Take that all you snarky skeptics. Enjoy this win!

Oh, the rumor is that the Defensive Coordinator will be replaced, perhaps by Romeo Crennel, who is pretty good. Now, we just go get ourselves some better players and an Offensive Coordinator and we might rise up in 2010 and really bite someone.

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