Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Olathe Northwest's Coach Has His 15 Minutes...

This is pretty good stuff here. The student body of Olathe Northwest got together for a pep rally. They wanted to do a joke on their coach, have him attempt a half court basketball shot blindfolded for NCAA tickets. Only thing was the tix didn't exist. The joke struck me as kind of lame, but hey, it's high school. Part of the joke was they would cheer wildly whether or not the shot went in. (Here is link to initial Kansas City Star article)

Well, the joke was on them. Behold the video:

A longer version, that includes the joke set up, is available at this link from the Kansas City Star.

Well, the thing went viral. Lots of YouTube views, some ESPN...here is an article from the Kansas City Star concerning the after effects. Some fun on a midwinter's day...but we are not done yet because...

Fox 4's Rob Low went out to Olathe to report on the shot and the media coverage, and he decided he would just flip a basketball over his head during his "stand up" for the report...and this happened:


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