Monday, January 25, 2010

Colts Through to Super Bowl

Here's the deal with NFL football sometimes: I have to miss some of it to go to church. While football is important to me, so is church. At this time, church is very important to me. So I was able to enjoy the first half of the Jets-Colts game--and a smige of the second half--and the way that second half started made this Jets fan very nervous. The Jets received the kick off and made their way down the field, stalling at the Colts' 34 yard line with a forth down and 7 yards to go. They attempt a 50 yard field goal. It is no good. The Colts take over with their best initial field position of the day...and I have arrived at church. I turn off the radio, disturbed at this turn of events. A team likes to make a statement at the beginning of a half. A missed FG is not a good statement.

One of the best ever? Payton Manning at the line. (
The Colts go on to score a touchdown with that offensive series and 17 unanswered points for the rest of the game. The Jets have no answer for Payton Manning--blitzes just don't faze him. The secondary holds Reggie Wayne, but Pierre Garcon gets 151 yards and one TD and Austin Collie has 123 yards and one TD. Meanwhile the Jets have no more offensive success. They can't run the ball, and their second half offensive series end punt, punt, interception, end of game. Colts win. It was a nice run for the Jets, but they just weren't quite good enough. However, they do declare themselves to be right in the fight in the eastern division of the AFC. Mark Sanchez looks like the real deal, too. Congratulations to the Colts, they are going to the Super Bowl.

Pierre Garcon, a Haiti native, drapes the trophy stand with the Haitian flag during the post-game celebration. He has had good news from some relatives in Haiti but has not heard from all his family yet. (

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