Friday, October 1, 2010

True Confession: I Am Rooting For Michael Vick to Do Well

I spent four years in the Philly metro area going to school and during that time, the city's professional sports teams wormed their way into this New Yorker's heart. I still have to this day a soft spot for the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers. Part of that may have been that all were winners at that time in the late '70s and early '80s but the teams also had some winning players as well, players who played hard and embodied the spirit of Philadelphia. In the NFC East, always my second choice; if the Giants can't win, please let it be the Eagles.

Now, if you follow the NFL, you know that the Eagles lost their starting QB to a concussion this year and inserted Michael Vick in the game. He has continued to play and even now with the starter, Kevin Kolb ready to go, has remained the starting QB for the Eagles. He has received acclaim for his play--he has regained the speed that made him such a threat in the back field, has been more disciplined in the passing game and has shown leadership both on and off the field.
And I am glad for him.

He served his time. He lost his fortune. He lost respect. He is trying to regain his footing in his life. He has done everything asked of him and it has appeared to be genuine. So let him excel and show the gifts that God gave him for the football field. I hold no grudge against him. I don't want to holler "Dog killer" at him or stop rooting for the Eagles.

Yes, it's me The Observer, who blogs about Wayside Waifs on a regular basis and couldn't leave a kitten out in the rain, rooting for Michael Vick.

You know, there is a weird sort of bright side to all this. Would we, meaning the general public, know anything about this underworld of dog fighting if it wasn't for this public figure, Michael Vick, getting swept up in the criminal investigation like he did. Now we know. We know more than we want to know. But we know, and now we watch, we donate, we adopt and we care.

So here's a sweet ending: A redeemed human being, who gets to do the thing he loves the most--play football--and is an improved and better person. Dogs get more protection from abuse due to increased public awareness and donations to causes that help prevent, detect and prosecute dog fighting and care for the abused dogs left behind. A double WIN in my eyes.

Photos: Michael Vick X2 from and an English Bull Terrier at the 2010 Pet Expo by The Observer.

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