Sunday, October 10, 2010

Close But No Cigar

The game might very well have had a different outcome had Dwayne Bowe hung on to this potential touchdown pass. (Kansas City Star)

The defense played well enough to win. The special teams, while they did not do anything amazing, were more than adequate. There were some decisions on the part of the coaching staff that you could question, but that did not lose the game.

It was the lack of a passing attack and the inability of the offense to stay on the field. Matt Cassel continues to struggle, looking unsure and not confident. He is struggling with his accuracy. The receivers, especially Dwayne Bowe, are dropping the football again.

Result: Despite holding the Colts to one touchdown, the Kansas City Chiefs lost today 19-9.

I was poking around in the Kansas City Star's comment section and one reader I think has the right attitude. Yes, let's look at this game: take the good, analyze the mistakes and then move on. We have the Houston Texans next, fresh from having their lunch handed them by the Giants at home. Houston has not played well since their victory over the Colts and their defense in particular has had problems. So, let's go on to the next game and win that. This team is good enough to win the next game, unlike last year's team when we wondered when the next wins would come.

Yeah, I'm an optimist. It's all those years rooting for the New York Giants.

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