Friday, October 8, 2010

Any Possibility of a Chiefs Upset Sunday?

Most feel that the Chiefs have little chance of beating the Indianapolis Colts in Indy Sunday. I can see a way we could. If...

We run well against their porous run defense and keep the ball from Payton Manning.

We have at least one special teams or defensive touchdown.

We get some pressure on Manning without sacrificing coverage.

We have NO turnovers.

However, Manning is so good that it is possible that we could do those things and he could still lead the Colts to a win. The youthfulness of our defensive back field and the inability to get consistent QB pressure, especially if the game is even or Kansas City is behind could be our eventual undoing.

If the game is close we have a chance.

If we score first we have a chance.

If Payton Manning goes off, we have no chance.

Either a rout in the Colts favor or a close game with a last minute score for a Colts victory or a close game with the Colts offense frustrated. Two out of three scenarios leading to an Indy win--tough odds but not impossible.

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