Saturday, October 16, 2010

Checking in With Baseball

A quick check of baseball here.

Yankees-Rangers tied 1-1. They are playing in Texas and the Yankees came back from behind on Friday to defeat the Rangers, just like they did against the Twins in the Divisional series. This time, the loss did not break the competition and the Rangers came back and tied the series. Now, it goes to New York for 3 games. Go Texas! So sick of the Yankees!

Giants-Phillies have had one game and it went to the Giants, a close 4-3 victory that featured 2 home runs off of Roy Halladay. They are playing in Philadelphia. Game 2 tomorrow--features Jonathan Sanchez against Roy Oswalt. Should be a good one.

Paul Lukas of the Uniwatch Blog notes that teams playing at home and wearing colored tops (rather than dressing in all white) have lost every game at home wearing those colored tops. Rangers, Phils, stick to white at home please!

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